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  • I live in Somewhere stoopid
  • I was born on June 28
  • My occupation is Even gods don't know
  • I am What's that?
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What I feel like doing when someone says Goku is above omnipotence

My Profile

I am willing to learn and research any series except Marvel and DC (I do singular characters when it comes to these)

Long Term Status: I am currently doing college so my time here will be limited and I will not always be able to answer right away (Though I'm nearing the end.

Short Term Status: Doing stuffs. Just pm me if you need anything and I'll get back to you when I can,

Future Projects:

  • Creating a page for Until Death Do Us Part
  • Creating a page for all Tom Clancy related material
  • Updating shit
Series Plot Powers Characters Weapons
Akame Ga Kiru! Nigh-Omniscient Nigh-Omniscient Nigh-Omniscient Nigh-Omniscient
Hellsing Extremely Knowledgeable Very Knowledgeable Decently Knowledgeable Very Knowledgeable
Psyren Very Knowledgeable Knowledgeable Decently Knowledgeable N/A
Rosario + Vampire Decently Knowledgeable Very Knowledgeable Decently Knowledgeable N/A
RWBY Extremely Knowledgeable Extremely Knowledgeable Very Knowledgeable Decently Knowledgeable
Terra Formars Very Knowledgeable Very Knowledgeable Decently Knowledgeable Decently Knowledgeable
Trinity Seven Very Knowledgeable Very Knowledgeable Very Knowledgeable N/A
Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Very Knowledgeable Very Knowldegeable Extremely Knowledgeable N/A

Here is the tiering for which knowledgeable is highest

Nigh-Omniscient - Knowing almost everything there is to know about what the author provides in his/her story

Extremely Knowledgeable - Knowing a great deal about a series and say most things from the top of you're head

Very Knowledgeable - Knowing a good amount of information on a series, though still need to make a good amount of checks from the material

Decently Knowledgeable - Knowing about a series but making checks almost all the time

Knowledgeable - Knowing the basic things about a series (MC name, basic plot, etc.)

Translation Requests

I am currently learning and speaking Japanese. If you would like to request a translation, please head to this thread.

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