Crimson Shadow101

aka John Doe

  • I live in Mars, Solar system
  • My occupation is The world may never know
  • I am Akuma

Stuff Im Working On

  • getting new members to help with the Astral Chain wiki. If your interested in helping out a small wiki with a small amount of members and one admin, familarize yourself with the trailers and nintendo tree house gameplay. Once the game comes out they'll probably become a verse here on this wiki
  • getting changes to the bayonetta verse
  • Emersing myself more into this wiki more and just fandom in general
  • getting better at editing 
  • learning how to do more stuff in general to become an effective fandom member
    Walking Nintendo

A Bit About Myself and my Opinions on Things

  • I love characters like Bayonetta, Akuma, Dr. Strange, etc.
  • Im new to fandom and joined last month
  • I can't wait for Astral Chain on the switch
  • Nintendo is the best gaming company change my mind
  • Some of my favorite games of all time are Bayonetta 1 & 2, Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokemon Black and White, Super Mario 64, Wii Sports, and Mario Cart for the Nintendo DS.
  • Bread is the best food ever created and you can't change my mind
  • I can't wait for Bayonetta 3
    Bayonetta 2 logo
  • I play games for the quality, fun, and the experience, not for popularity
  • A lot of animes are overated and a lot of people will hate me for saying this but anime is just overated in general
  • Im not saying I hate anime just that a lot of them are being treated as really good when I only find a few very good

Supported Verses

  • ​​​​​Bayonetta
  • Street fighter
  • MCU
  • Spongebob
  • Pokemon
    Cereza Bayonetta 2 render

Nuetral Verses

  • Kid Icarus
  • Persona
  • Boku no Hero

Opposed Verses

  • Fortnite
Akuma V clean
Jeanne Bayonetta 2 render
Aesir, The God of Chaos
Smash by quirkilicious dcyfwve-pre
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