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  • I live in A secret lair deep within the body of the great organism which is the multiverse
  • My occupation is Virtually-Omnipotent Mutualist
  • I am the Ultimate Lifeform



To-do List (don't wait up, I'm an ambitious procrastinator)

  • Katanagatari profiles
  • Maouyuu Mao Yuusha profiles
  • Primeval profiles
  • Lupin III profiles
  • Drawn to Life profiles
  • Magicians profiles
  • Akikan profiles
  • Dinosaur King profiles
  • House of Night profiles (Don't like the series as much as I thought I would, might come back to it later)
  • Secret Saturdays profiles (I think someone else is doing these)
  • God of Highschool

Knowledgeable Verses

Katanagatari (Once this shit is finished, I'm binge-watching Rakudai, Assassination Classroom, and K-Project to celebrate)

Armed With Wings

John Carter


    • Obligations
      • Lupin III
      • Beast Quest
      • Tarzan
      • Assassination Classroom
    • For fun
      • Dies Irae
      • Noblesse
      • Knight Run
      • Chivalry of a Failed Knight
      • Hitman Absolution
      • Bahamut Chronicle
      • God of Highschool
      • My Hero Academia
      • GetBackers
      • Baki the Grappler
      • K-Project
      • Dinosaur King
      • Cells at Work
      • Kuroko no Basuke
      • Hero and Demon King
      • Keijo
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