What's up, meus amigos? Just an ordinary Latino wondering around the internet. At least it started that way, but turns out making profiles is actually fun. /Sandbox

Verses I Like

Verses I'm Neutral About

Verses I Dislike

Pages I Created

Batman: Arkham

DC Animated Movies

DC Animated Universe

DC Comics

DC Showcase

Dead Rising

Gotham (TV Series)

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Justice League Action

Katana ZERO

Kid Icarus

The Legend of Zelda



Mario Bros

Marvel Comics

X-Men Film Series


To Do List

(not in a particular order)

  • Create profiles for other Batman: Arkham playable characters
  • Make a Doutrinador (The Awakener) profile
  • Finish up MadWorld profiles
  • Start working on Binary Domain profiles
  • Start working on Gotham profiles after the end of season 5
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