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  • I live in Bill Gates
  • My occupation is Meme
  • I am Shemale


Ah, greetings non-spoopy ones. Welcome to my profile page. I am just your average idiot attempting to keep my sanity from slipping due to absurd amount of Internet frequenting.

I am also a mod here, and am currently the sole God-Emperor authority on the clusterfuck called 40K.

If you got any kind of question you need help with, the message wall is always open. I'm generally a lax guy, so don't be afraid to ask, as I'll respond as soon as possible.

I am also an admin over on Joke Battles Wiki and the Patron Saint of our Lord and Savior. May you be blessed eternally with infinite calcium and good bones.

To-Dew List

  • Fix all of Warhammer pretty much
  • Work on some Daedric bois
  • Rewatch Cybersix so I can put it on here one of these days
  • Knowledgeable Members List revision
  • Reread the original Infinity Gauntlet run

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Who the Hell cares what I think, #amirite?

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Oh, that's adorable.

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