i love sailor mercury, im fluent in japanese and i hate sonic (in versus debates) so what’s up?


One Piece (All time favorite Manga series and Verse)

Dragon Ball


Gurren Lagaan


Team Fortress


Sailor Moon

Final Fantasy


Enen no Shouboutai


Street Fighter

Dr. Stone

Code Lyoko (Please watch this show)

SCP Foundation

Skullgirls (Easily my second favorite fighting game of all time)

World Trigger (In the process of reading it)

Minecraft (How can you hate Minecraft?)

Marvel (When’s Mahvel?)

Classic Era Sonic

and a bunch more



DC (I’ve always been more of a Marvel Guy)

RWBY (Liked Volumes 1-3, hated 4 and 5, haven't seen 6)

JoJo (Because JoJo characters have the dumbest hax on this entire site)


League of Legends

Naruto (One Piece is better)

My Hero Academia (I like it, but it doesn't do a whole lot for me compared to other Shonen, especially One Piece)


Fairy Tail


Sword Art Online

Sonic (Sonic fans are the fucking worst)

Steven Universe (I'm sorry but this series is mad wanked and Future was horrible)

My Favorite Characters:

Classic Sonic (Will forever be superior to Modern Sonic)

Son Goku (Because I'm a normie)

Sailor Mercury (GIve her more matches)

Yu Narukami (Biggest Chad in Persona)

Blackbeard (Easily my favorite One Piece character)

Giygas (In case I don't want to sleep at night)

Sucy Manbavaran (Best girl)

Banjo and Kazooie (Arguably my favorite 3D Platforming mascots of all time)

Arceus (Best 2-B)

Sol Badguy (Best Fighting Game Main Character)

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