Byakuya "Senbonzakura" Kuchiki

aka Mr. Jelly/Jello

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on April 9
  • My occupation is Student, Captain, Yonko Commander
  • I am Male

Hi. J.A.N. Captain Irachka (Irina Pirozhnikova) is bae. Enji Night (Anna Redei) is wifey material. Byndo Gehk is waifu. Sanya Lopez is <3

Current Status

Short Term Status: Online

Long Term Status: Semi-Active

Verses I support

  • Naruto
  • Bleach
  • One Piece
  • Dragon Ball, Z, Super, GT
  • Halo
  • GTA
  • Cartoons (Like the ones from Cartoon Network)
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Beyblade
  • Bakugan
  • Mario
  • Pacman
  • Overwatch
  • Metal Gear

Favorite Pages

Pages I've Made (Not in order)

VS Threads

Images & GIF's

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Gran Rey Cero!

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Cj2P b0XIAAxnlL
Lust by Captain Irachka
Behold my awesome bankai!

Bow down to my Bankai.

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