Composite Human is the hypothetical merging of every single human being who has ever existed. A concept that is often discussed within Versus Forums, and sometimes fields of science and research. The Composite Human is a combination of all our strengths, skills and abilities at our peak, minus our weaknesses and downfalls. The Composite Human has the strongest capabilities of us, the human species.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C | Up to 7-B, potentially 7-A with sufficient preparation time

Name: Composite Human

Origin: Real Life (As a hypothetical idea)

Gender: Inapplicable

Age: Varies. Humans have only reached the age of 122 so far, but it is likely this age limit will gradually wane

Classification: Human, hominid

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Conditional Instinctive Reactions (With enough experience, procedural memory can be used to predict movement and automatically execute a response, granting increased reaction speed), Master Martial Artist, Acrobatics, Weapon Mastery, Genius Intelligence, Enhanced Senses (Veronica Seider can identify people from more than 1.6 km. Can utilize echolocation. Tetrachromacy allows a person to see 100x more colors than the average person. Supertasters have a far more acute sense of taste than an average person. Has Perfect Pitch), Stealth Mastery, Vehicular Mastery, Preparation, Enhanced Accuracy, Master at survival skills, Master Scientist, Master writer, Master artist, Master tactician, Master strategist, Master sportsman, thousands of other abilities and skill sets, Corruption (Type 1), Seduction Intuition, Social Influencing, Accelerated Development (Research, Intelligence. Ferdinand Waldo Demara Jr. was able to learn almost anything in an extremely short amount of time and replicate it with relative ease, and could take on practically any identity he wanted to just by learning what he was supposed to know) Enhanced flexibility (Marfan Syndrome is a condition that affects the connective tissues of the body which can give an abnormal amount of flexibility. Martin Laurello can rotate his head 180 degrees. Julia Gunthel can fit inside a 50x50 cm package), Michel Lotito has a stomach lining twice as thick as a normal person's, Limited Technology Manipulation (Has complete knowledge and mastery over all aspects of technology that is known), Hacking, Pain Manipulation immunity (CIP is a condition that causes a person to feel no pain), Resistance to Electricity Manipulation (Rajmohan Nair can withstand being shocked by electricity 30 times the amount that can kill an ordinary man. Biba Struja can withstand electric shocks of up to a million volts), Fear Manipulation (Urbach-Wiethe is a condition that causes a person to not feel fear), Empathic Manipulation (Antisocial Personality Disorder is a condition that causes a person to feel few emotions and not care about the rights of others, also effectively removing all morals), Heat Manipulation (Wim Hof ran a marathon in -20 C temperatures in shorts. Timo Kaukonen survived and was conscious after 6 minutes in a 110 C sauna), Poison Manipulation (Mithradatism is the process of building an immunity to certain venoms and poisons through small, non-lethal doses. This can build a resistance to most animal venoms, plant poisons, and arsenic), Disease Manipulation (Would have every anti-body produced for every human disease), Radiation Manipulation (Induced Radioresistance is receiving Small doses of ionizing radiation that can allow a greater resistance to radiation)

All prior abilities plus Limited Fire, Water, Energy, Radiation, Light, Poison, Acid, Smoke, Ice, Heat, Sound and Electricity Manipulation, Magnetism Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, Underwater Breathing (Type 3), Self-Sustenance (Type 1; with spacesuit), Homing Attacks (Infrared homing missles. DARPA Exacto bullets self-correct during flight and target the object it wants to hit), Danmaku, Surface Scaling, Explosion Manipulation (With explosives), Information Analysis, Flight (with glider, jetpack, aircraft), Spaceflight, Pseudo-Invisibility (With camouflage suits), Status Effect Inducement (With flashbangs and stun-based weapons) and Extrasensory Perception (Spidersense suit allows the wearer to detect how close and in what direction an object is through vibrating sensors on the persons body) via preperation, Durability Negation, Resistance to Light, Wind, Radiation, Smoke, Oxidation, Water, Fire and other Elements, Extreme Temperature, Explosion, Insect, Poison, Corrosion, Disease, Contaminent, Debris and Impact (with hazmat suit and other personal protective equipment)

Attack Potency: Street level+ (Jonah Lomu can generate this amount of energy with a tackle) | Up to City level+, potentially Mountain level with sufficient preparation time (Can gain access to nuclear weapons of varying power), can ignore conventional durability with biological, chemical, nuclear and radiological weapons

Speed: Below Average Human swimming speed (the fastest 50 meter freestyle long-course is César Cieloat 20.91 seconds which would make his swimming speed 2.4 m/s), Peak Human movement speed (Usain Bolt is capable of running at 12.5 m/s), and Superhuman combat speed (Keith Liddel can punch at up to 44 mph. Several research papers have concluded that a few elite sprinters can react faster than 80 ms to an auditory stimulus. The fastest subject demonstrated an average arm reaction onset time of 51 ms. Visual reaction time should only be around 20 ms slower) | Subsonic to Hypersonic with firearms, bows, and artillery. Up to High Hypersonic flight speed (The fastest piloted vehicle created - Apollo 10 - reached the speed of 39,897 kph [Mach 32] relative to Earth) and up to Speed of Light attack speed with preparations (Laser weapons can reach this speed)

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Paul Anderson backlifted 6270 lbs, or 2844 kg, Gregg Ernst backlifted two cars, which weighed 5340 lbs or 2422.183 kg. The highest standing jump is 1.616 meters. Javier Sotomayor has a high jump of over 8 feet. Mike Powell has a long jump of over 29 feet. Myostatin-inhibitor Hypertrophy is when the body doesn't produce myostatin to limit muscle growth. Suppression of the NCoR1 gene causes an increase in muscle mass, 2x the speed, and 2x the endurance) | Up to Class K (Maximum towing capacity for trains, the largest trucks, and heaviest aircrafts)

Striking Strength: Street Class via striking (Mike Tyson was capable of striking this hard) | Unknown

Durability: At least Street level+ (A man's bone density was eight times higher than that of the average human, who can survive Jonah Lomu's tackles. John Ferraro's skull is 16 mm thick which is 2.3x thicker than the average human skull) | Up to Building level

Stamina: Very high (Dean Karnazes is capable of running hundreds of miles without lactic acid build-up, and the Khoisan people can run for multiple hours on end in a desert without stopping, which would cause heatstroke for an animal. Polycythemia is a condition where there is a higher amount of red blood cells in the body which can increase oxygen-carrying capacity by 50%. The DEC2 gene reduces the required amount of sleep to only 6 hours instead of the 8 to 8.5 required by normal people. The inhibition of the LR-15r-Alpha gene allows an incredibly high endurance in muscles. Longest time with held breath underwater is 24 minutes 3 seconds) | Varies

Range: Extended melee range (The longest nails grew to 197.8 cm, the longest hair grew to 5.627 m) to at least kilometers (Farthest distance traveled by a human voice detectable at 8 km) | Varies (From extended melee to planetary, higher with prep)

Standard Equipment: None notable (Except what's already coming from/part of the natural body) | Unknown (Though anything humans have made or know of that could remotely be used for combat, it would be able to as well)

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Is a polymath and polyglot. Holds a degree in every field of study on earth. Can solve any equation/problem ever solved. Is a master in every form of combat ever created. Knows how to play every single sport and instrument. Knows every single story, piece of media or work of fiction ever conceived. Knows every historical event that has ever been documented or experienced. Fluency of every language. Possesses every single skill or talent that a human has ever had. Hyperthymesia is a condition where a person can remember almost everything they've learned in vivid detail. Can utilize speed reading. The NR2b gene increases memory and learning speed. Ferdinand Waldo Demara was able to learn various tasks in far less time then a normal human could)

Weaknesses: None notable, except typical biological needs of food, water and rest



Key: Base | With technology

Note: Although the Real World composite profiles are banned in the wiki due to being unrealistic thought experiments, we made an exception for Composite Human because of its immense popularity.


Notable Victories:

Tyrannosaurus rex (The Real World) Tyrannosaurus rex's Profile (The human only had the following weapons: Katana, M1 Garand, a Winchester Rifle and a lot of ammo. The human also had 20 minutes of preparations)

Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) Jason's Profile (Both had a day of preparations, with knowledge about the other's abilities. No weapons higher than wall level was allowed. Speed was equalized)

Springtrap (Five Nights At Freddy's) Springtrap's Profile (Composite Human had an  hour of preparations. The speed was equalized, and no weapons above 9-B were allowed)

Xenomorph (Alien) Xenomorph's Profile (Speed was equalized and Composite Human had the following weapons: Elephant Gun, AK-47, Accuracy International Arctic Warfare, Flamethrower, Machete)

Creeper (Minecraft) Creeper's Profile (Note: Composite human had A.K 12, two katanas, M 107 sniper rifle and 1 hour preparation time)

Lion (Real World) Lion's Profile (Composite Human had a Katana, Machete, and a Glock and the Lion was a full-grown Male)

Thunder McQueen (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) Thunder’s Profile (Speed was equalized and Composite Human had 10 days of preparation time)

Bane (The Dark Knight Trilogy) (The Dark Knight Rises) Bane's Profile (Note: Composite Human had access to any 9-C weapon, and starting distance was 50m)

Cancer (Cells at Work) Cancer's Profile (Composite Human has prior knowledge)

Ginosaji (Spoonkiller) Ginosaji’s Profile (Note: The Ginosaji was bloodlusted, and both only had access to spoons. Speed was Equalized)

The Big Bad Wolf (Fables and Fairytales) The Big Bad Wolf's Profile (Speed was equalized)

Venom (Venom (2018)) Venom's Profile (Speed equalized, CH had 2 hours of prep time and was restricted to 9-C to 9-B weapons)

SCP-076 (SCP Foundation) SCP-076’s Profile (Composite Human has prior knowledge on the basics of 076-2’s abilities. Composite Human has 30 minutes to prepare and all weapons up to 9-B. 076-2 is in his 9-B key)

Giant ants (Them!) Giant ants' profile (The human will fight a grand total of 69 ants. Worker ants only. The human has the following weapons: European Longsword (One), Flamethrower (He has 2 gallons of fuel), AK-47 (He carries 7 clips), MK3 grenade (Three))

Goblin Slayer (Goblin Slayer) Goblin Slayer's Profile (Speed equalized, CH had access to every 9-B weapon)

Villain Bots (My Hero Academia) Villain Bots's Profile (Speed equalized, Composite Human had all weapons up to 8-C and has to fight all four bots at once)

Baldi (Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning) Baldi's Profile (Took place at a school, CH had only 2 minutes of prep time during which they could not obtain any kind of weapon or armor and were handicapped in terms of basic equipment)

Thanos Simonattoi (The Real World) Thanos' Profile (Speed equal, Human had a Katana, a functioning Infinity Gauntlet Replica and 10 min of prep)

Aureolus Izzard (To Aru Majutsu No Index) Aureolus' Profile (Speed equalized, CH had an hour of prep and knows basic info on Ars Magna, but not knowing how he does it)

Yujiro Hanma (Grappler Baki) Yujiro's Profile (Composite Human had as much preparation time as he needed)

SCP-049 (SCP Foundation) SCP-049's Profile (Both were 9-C, Speed equalized, Both had prior knowledge and an hour of prep, and Composite Human the following: A AK-47, A Katana (Real Life), A Thompson Submachine Gun, A Fire Axe, A Kukri (Real World), and an AK-308)

The Terminator (The Terminator) The Terminator's Profile (Composite Human had access to all equipment up to 9-A, and the T-800 was used)

The Player (Counter-Strike) The Player's Profile (Composite Human had an AWP and a Glock, and The Player had an AWP, a Five-Seven, and multiple grenades)

Notable Losses:

The Thing (The Thing) The Thing's Profile (Composite Human was given the following weapons: Katana, M16, AK-47, and a Flamethrower. The Thing was given 3 hours of preparations)

Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption) Arthur's Profile

Connor (Detroit: Become Human) Connor's Profile (Both were 9-C. Speed unequalized)

The Division Agent (The Division) The Division Agent's Profile (Each had two minutes of prep and had access to all equipment up to Tier 9-A. Speed unequalized)

Master Chief (Halo) Master Chief's Profile (Note: Master Chief didn't have MJOLNIR. Speed was equalized. Composite Human had an Atchisson Assault Shotgun, RPG-7, and a pair of grenades. Master Chief had an M739 SAW and a Battle Rifle. There was no preparation)

Fifteen (Katana ZERO) Fifteen's Profile (Speed was equalized, and Composite Human had access to any weapon and armor up to 9-B, as well as one hour of preparation)

Wolf (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice) Wolf's Profile (Speed was equalized, BoG Wolf was used, CH was given one day of prep time and prior knowledge of Wolf and had access to anything up to 9-A in terms of weaponry)

Inconclusive Matches:

Ozymandias (DC Comics) Ozymandias' Profile (Both were given a week of preparation, and speed was equalized)

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