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  • I live in Another verse that´s actually beyond fictions
  • My occupation is Student at Vs. debating
  • I am Male
51hxFfyh 6L. SY445

Just an user that scrolls the wiki often, you may call me Bobsican, but I guess you already do that., I can speak english and spanish by the way.

I´m a knowledgeable member of the following verses (Note that I´ve only added myself to the Knowledgeable Members List of the verses that are remarked here in bold and are avaiable):

Bold: I know a bunch of stuff of the verse (but don´t expect me to know everything, as there´s always something new to learn)

Italic: I only know the basics of the verse

Normal: In between what Bold and Italic represent.

Azure Striker Gunvolt

Barney & Friends





Freedom Planet


Kingdom Hearts


Mario Bros




Puzzles and Dragons

Sonic the Hedgehog

Spongebob Squarepants

Super Smash Bros

Toy Story

Likely a few more, but the rest are mainly for Vs. debating, so I think those are out of the question; I´m also an expert in metaphysics and other 1-A stuff, so if you make a 1-A match, please call me.

I also made this for the wiki, by the way:


Vs. Battle Wiki´s tiers portrayed by Spongebob

Made by Bobsican

Feel free to talk about it in my message wall or in the comment section of that place.

Important Threads

Time Zones of the users (You should join if you have the time)

Pages I´ve made:

Total so far: 19 (Miscelaneous), 37 (Kingdom Hearts), 56 total

GordonShumway Casper render Papasmurfmovie2017 Spade Chansey Barney personajes barney Wendy O. Koopa Buizel Psyduck Rabbid Mario Cherrim Overcast Form Jynx Berry B. Benson Big Bigley Itsuki Aoi DinDonkey Shrekadow Fiona Barnadow Toystorylogo Barnyard verse image Darmanitan Unova

Yeah, I made that many KH pages, hence why I just separated it from the main thing

KHIII Repliku Meow Wow Komory Bat Spellican KHIII Stitch KH Woody KH Buzz KHIII Sulley KHIII Mike Wazowski KHII Jack Skellington KHII Oogie Boogie KH Tron KH Mulan and Mushu KHIII Ariel KHII Ursula BbS Peter Pan BbS Captain Hook KH Tarzan KHIII Simba KH Ralph KHIII Jack Sparrow KHIII Hercules KHII Auron BbS Zack Genie KHII KHII Aladdin BbS Prince Phllip KHII Beast KH Bambi Chicken Little KHII Dumbo KH Heartless Emblem KHIII Winnie Poop Tigger KHIII Sora Manga KHI GummiShip

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