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NOTE: I apologize for such a notion, but when all concept of media get in my way w/ something older than friggen creation of the Beyond-Outerversal Creation, I have all the right in all worlds to snap.

Pages I made:

Wonderful World (Verse), and its contents.

AKATSUKI BLITZKAMPF (verse) (FINALLY Found the game. Will work on Lina Shield's behalf...)

ARCANA HEART (Abandoned unless anyone cares for a good catfight...)

CHAOS CODE (verse) (With a Sequel in the works, why did someone delete this page!?)

BOUND (A Game requested by my sister to play, with a graceful Dancer on a quest to destroy a truly powerful monster. Pcychological Elements ensue...)

Supports Magic: The Gathering, & Under Night In-Birth.

Potetential verses to Make: 

LUDESIA: Spidering with Scrapping (Canned for not gathering enough info for the verse. Maybe someone else can pick it up someday...)

EYE OF JUDGMENT: LEGENDS: (With the ISO now working, I'll be working on this verse, Albeit slowly...)

Dream Fights

  • Enkidu (Under Night IN-BIRTH) vs Mint Sirufu (SILVER!)
  • Ryuza Langran (Wonderful World) vs Rio Sirufu (SILVER!/Webcomic)
  • COMPA (Hyperdimension NEPTUNIA) vs Furiafill Pele (SILVER!/Webcomic)
  • Momoko Kawakami (???) vs Wolfes Galgani (Wonderful World)
  • Ruby Rose (RWBY/BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle) vs Abeldy Grenflow (Wonderful World)
  • Felmina "Fefe" Phoenix (Wonderful World) vs ??? (Has to ba a Majo Shoujo of equal Tier) 
  • Mimikyu (Pokemon/POCKET MONSTER) vs Mumu (SILVER/Webcomic)
  • Claudette (Wonderful World) vs the most powerful Kaiju matching her tier...
  • Child of Urmspa (EYE OF JUDGMENT) vs Uruca Cordelia (Wonderful World)
  • Scion, Biolith Lord (EYE OF JUDGMENT) vs Rick Sanchez (Rick & Morty) (Both have Prep Time.)
  • Kastor & Pollux (EYE OF JUDGMENT) vs Rom & Ram (Hyperdimension Neptunia) (Ram & Rom can become Goddesses & Kastor & Pollux can use the Necromitter)
  • Warden Hilda (EYE OF JUDGMENT) vs Erika Wagner (Under Night In-Birth) (Wagner can use "The third weapon")
  • Saber (Senji Muramasa) (Nasuverse) vs Ryuza Langran (Both are at their most powerful.)

Wonderful World Facts not realized, but are still regardless, true...

  • Semnia Eubaints's Abyss can reach as far as an approx. 1000m diameter at max. It can even count as a BFR when in range. It works by trapping an opponent with Weak Magic Defense, or no Magic Defense at all in said Vortex in vein of a Black Hole that traps one inside, makes them collapse, and die as a result. At 1000m diameter, so many things can be affected, even Kaiju, Jaegers, and most Giant Mecha throughout history.
  • While currently unconfirmed for now, It's entirely possible Chartette Leor can make craters similar to that of the Meteor Crater in Arizona. On the Topic of Leor, Claudette Leor is capable of fighting monsters at max size of 150m. That's the size of Heisei Era King Ghidorah on the ground according to this Wiki. Also, "Deadly Blow!" can apparently budge these monsters of such size, which can grow to weights beyond 50,000 tons. Probably even more...
  • Wolfes Galgani just by fighting can move whole arenas on a scale such as a mountain range, a whole city etc. It's even possible he can punch a mountain off the ground flying. The only problem behind this is that no map for the verse exists, so we can't prove how powerful he can truly be. 1000m high warrants the verse Town Level; a minor upgrade. Imagine what he can do with the highest mountain in Wonderful World...
  • Felmina Phoenix is actually Elementary School Level civilian class. At best Above-Average. But her transformation as Fefe brings the verse to Country Level. Her gameplay has proven not to be this, but instead nerfed for more balance. However, she can set a whole country on fire all in unison. Any character who can beat her as her Fefe mode could classify as the same Country Level Tier... It may even be possible that's as far as the verse can go unless Ainefill showcases things Regarding the Goddess of the Wonderful World, who easily surpasses Planet Level for creating a world that created its own energy on its own; a testament to how powerful she is. She might even be able to create timelines regarding each character's arcade modes...


Wonderful World Tierlist

SSS Level: Sabe, Friede, Wolfes, Heathrod, Areyu

SS Level: Lynia, Shintetusai

S Level: Orphe, Izel

A Level: Felmina (Fefe form), Ryuza, Gear, Fuga, Eldio, Ardore, Neva, Claudette, Shake, Semnia, Uruca, Lima, Rescana, Nefisca, Magenda,

B Level: Chartette, Heine, Abeldy, Corona, Liz, Rosalice, Duna, Lunathia,

C Level: Felmina (Regular form), Kiki, Aiwhen, Pale

D Level: Etielle, Lemius

E Level: Sasari, Alicephia

F Level: Cielo



Evidence that Seele Glanz/Soul Glory is true light:

  • + All tidbits prove this is not the kind of light that can be blocked Physically with Regular Human status.
  • + All 4 Beams go straight, even though at differing positions.
  • + Each Beam of Light Moves at the same speed each. In addition, there is also a Fixed Pattern for when each Beam shoots individually.
  • + The Orbs seem like White Dwarf-Like orbs, but way smaller, thus can be surmised to be made of Light.
  • + Even if it isn't Lightspeed, it's possible reacting to at least, say 2 of these, might improve on this.

(Currently WIP)

Sources used: ( 定義) (This'll be used for the big translation revision...

Rosalice's info:

Weapon Name: Göttin Faust = ゲッテンファウスト = Fist of Goddess


Schock Flamme = ショックフランメ = Shock Frame

Wahrheit = ヴァールハイト = Truth

Tugend = トゥーゲント = Virtue

Stolz = シュトルツ = Pride

Streich = シュトライヒ = Caper

Seele Granz = ゼーレグランツ = Soul Glory

Zermalmen = ツェアマルメン = Crush

Verbrennen = フェアブレンネン = Burn

Himmelfahrt = ヒンメルファールト = Ascension

Lichtstrafe = リヒトシュトラーフェ = Light Punishment

List of resistances the Wonderful World Verse has on record

Potential Wonderful World Verse Tier List


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