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  • I live in Justice
  • My occupation is Hero for Breakfast
  • I am Male

Verses I'm most knowledgeable in

Deathclaw fo4Kisspng-akuma-street-fighter-ii-the-world-warrior-super-s-fight-5accdd8e98aca6.4208504815233755026254Sheva-alomar5YujiroHanmaRenderMadeByRyukama-0DeathKwonDoRomaine gladiatorSketchTurnerSpriteChaykin2

More In-Depth Knowledge Explanations
  • Explanations so my rankings have actual value:
    • 1/10: This existed?
    • 2/10: Know about it, not into it
    • 3/10: Seen a bit of it, not into it
    • 4/10: Seen a bit of it or more
    • 5/10: I've consumed a good portion of their media, likely uses their wiki as a lifeline though
    • 6/10: I contribute a lot to their pages if I love it, but don't ask me about deep lore
    • 7/10: Consumed most of it, more knowledgeable than average
    • 8/10: Consumed all of it in at least one medium
    • 9/10: I've consumed all of it multiple times and I possibly made a lot of their pages here; ask away
    • 10/10: Likely been into it since youth; I can correctly answer questions immediately off the cuff
    • 11/10: I made it (This one will be useful later); omniscient knowledge of verse
Pages I have created

Pages I've Created

Magic Pickle (Series)


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Resident Evil

Street Fighter

Grappler Baki


Marvel Comics

Monster Hunter

Another World (Game Series)

Charles Bronson

Donnie Yen

Ip Man Trilogy

SexuaLobster/Greasy Tales

Great Destiny Man


Bruce Wizard

The Girl on TV

Raw Latex

War of the Worlds

Comix Zone

The Ooze

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Darkest Dungeon

Days Gone

Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness

One-Punch Man

Rampage (Verse)


Goblin Slayer

Ben 10

Escape from Bug Island!

Infinity Train

Predator (Franchise)


Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

  • Hana Uzaki

Puzzle and Dragons

Regular Show

Golden Axe

Bloodshot (2020 Film)


Bomb Chicken

The Real World

Pages I have helped edit

Pages I've helped edit

A considerable amount of Fallout pages

A considerable amount of Grappler Baki pages

Marvel Comics

  • Genis-Vell (Created by Nyizune originally, but I put considerable effort in editing the page)

Bomberman (Universe)

Sengoku Youko

  • Jinka Yamato (Created by Rei Rubro, but it was unfinished and missing information)
My favorite artworks

My favorite artworks

  • Baki VS The Predator
  • God Rugal
  • Chun-Li Gem Fighter
  • Darbi
  • Agent Kosher
  • Fo3 and Fo4 Deathclaw Comparison
  • Smug Sakura
  • Ranger Ghost
  • Alpha Deathclaw
  • Kinu Nishimura Akuma
  • Shin Akuma
  • Sketch Turner
  • Suitjiro
  • Super Mutant Concept Art
  • Baki and Boar
  • Yuichiro
  • Android 18
  • Jonathan Joestar

My favorite verses

  1. FO1Logo
  2. Street-Fighter-PNG-Picture
  3. Comix zone logo
  4. Dasng8u-a3e9916e-8321-40b8-b42e-40b93f7ea021
  5. Another World vector
  6. TBCATSLogo
  7. 881d89ad-8a0e-4253-a254-18cb64d188c2
  8. Monster Hunter logo
  9. Marvel-comics-logo
  10. My Hero Academia Logo
  11. Predator PNG38
  12. Berserk
  13. Shin-Godzilla-Logo-japanese-monster-movies-40269346-2500-1063
  14. One Punch Man logo
  15. Grappler baki logo
  16. Broforce logo
  17. Jurassic park logo png - 800x310
  18. Yugioh logo png 1557581
  19. Dragonball logo

My favorite pages


Unit Wamuu (This pillar...!)



Wild ussuri boar


John Henry



1920px-Thanos simonattoi


Frank horrigan


Super mutant 1



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