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  • I live in Brazil
  • I am Masculino

Long-Term Status: Semi-Online


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Welcome to my profile! Feel free about questions or extra information. My name is Julio, but you can call me Alonik. I am a student of Digital Telemarketing and i work with webdesign. I hope we work together and make this a better place for everyone!

I assume he's doing the same as every human. Some good days. Some bad days. He's got a few friends. A few people he can't stand. He's learning some things, all by himself. And, hopefully learning to ask for help when he needs it. He's messing up, and trying again, and messing up again, and then getting things wrong, and then trying to make them right. That's what everyone does. To Michael.
~ Eleanor Shellstrop

Verses I'm knowledgeable in

Kisspng-diana-prince-batman-dc-comics-logo-comic-book-dc-comics-5abcda3e0493d2.8376594015223260780188 Marvel Comics (2012)379-3797458 yu-gi-oh-logo-japaneseSaint seiya logo by poderheavy-d3gl8teLeague of legends logo transparentThe Fairly OddParents logo.svg

My favorite franchises

That's the map I love the most in fiction

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