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Dark Enchantress Cookie is a Legendary-class Cookie and the overarching antagonist of Cookie Run: OvenBreak and Cookie Run: Kingdom. She was created several years ago during The Night of the Witches, making her the only Cookie with a confirmed birthday. She is the embodiment of Darkness and the natural rival of Millennial Tree Cookie. After White Lily Cookie fell into the Ultimate Dough, she was cooked alive by the Witches and was transformed into Dark Enchantress Cookie. Her motive is to cause the Eternal Night with her Black Magic in order to get revenge on the Witches, who created Cookiekind solely to eat them.

White Lily Cookie is an Ancient-class cookie and one of the heroes of old in Cookie Run: Kingdom. She is Pure Vanilla Cookie's best friend and also one of the members of The Five. When Dark Enchantress Cookie was attempting to cause the Eternal Night, White Lily Cookie stormed the Vanilla Castle alongside her team members in order to prevent it. The battle was lost, and her Soul Jam was stolen. However, Pure Vanilla Cookie creates a shield over White Lily Cookie and the other members as he tries to combat Dark Enchantress Cookie's magic with forbidden Crescent Moon Magic. He ends up creating a violent explosion, giving him amnesia and sealing him alongside Dark Enchantress Cookie while the other members of The Five went missing. White Lily Cookie was then found in Dragon Hill, upon a white lily glade, and she joins GingerBrave and his friends on their quest to find the Vanilla Kingdom and save the world.

It is currently unknown how White Lily Cookie managed to become Dark Enchantress Cookie even though her Soul Jam was taken and became an amnesiac after the events of the Dark Flour War, but the White Lily Cookie that is fighting Dark Enchantress Cookie could possibly be an illusion.

"It is said every thousand years all witches from near and far come together for the Night of the Witches. And on that very night, Dark Enchantress Cookie was born. A dose of concentrated dark magic and poisonous scarlet pomegranate syrup gives this Cookie a deliciously evil taste. Since the moment of its creation, Dark Enchantress Cookie was filled with sweet ambition, she brought chaos to the Night of the Witches gathering and escaped, taking with it the secrecies of the witches. But now, after so many years, a dark shadow has emerged, could it be...her?"

"A solitary beam of moonlight shines in twilight. Like a pale lily, touched by the softest drops of rain, a Cookie silently enters the world. Her serene eyes reveal a curious nature eager for knowledge. Wielder of the mysterious Lily Staff, White Lily Cookie has proven to be a trusty friend and ally during the grim Dark Flour War. Victory was achieved, but alas, a dazed White Lily Cookie awoke amongst a field of flowers with no memory of the past. A longing for Pure Vanilla Cookie lingers on as a figment of the past, a memory within reach yet so elusive. Though a white lily's fragility invokes sympathy, do not forget that there is an intoxicating aroma hidden behind her pure, serene beauty."

Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-B

Name: Dark Enchantress Cookie, White Lily Cookie

Origin: Cookie Run

Gender: Female

Age: Thousands of years old

Classification: Ancient / Legendary Cookie

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4 and 8), Magic, Flight, Acrobatics, Reality Warping, Darkness Manipulation (Is the embodiment of darkness) Energy Manipulation and Plasma Manipulation (Via Plasma Crystal Ball. Can create dark spheres), Explosion Manipulation (Via Melon Dynamite), Homing Attack (Via Carrot Missile), Corruption, Black Hole Physiology (The Everburning Dark Crystal, an ingredient required to make her Magic Candy, engulfs everything around it, with even light being unable to escape), Soul Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Sealing, Power Absorption, Mind Manipulation and Law Manipulation (Black Magic and Dark Moon Magic users are capable of doing this. The principles of Nature are a complex of laws that keep the world in perfect equilibrium and allow it to exist. Trapped Pure Vanilla Cookie's soul inside of the deepest, darkest void), thought-based Time Manipulation (Casted a spell over the entire Vanilla Castle and everyone in it that trapped them in a time loop), Resistance Negation (Rainbow Bear Jellies are stated to be immune to magnetic effects and are unaffected by them from nearly every Cookie, but Dark Enchantress Cookie is one of few Cookies able to ignore their immunity and make them magnetic anyways), passive Morality Manipulation (via Darkwind Quiver, it feeds on the morale of everything nearby), Dream Manipulation (via Haunted Snuggly Bear, which can eat nightmares), Data Manipulation and Transmutation (Coin Magic turns enemies and obstacles into coins. New PepBook can passively transform obstacles and Jellies into computer data), Precognition (Has a superior version of precognition to Timekeeper Cookie's. The Eternal Eye of Darkness can see the ends of the strands of fate), Power Bestowal (Can grant others the power to resurrect), minor Durability Negation (Terrible Truth does a fixed amount of damage), passive Damage Transferal (The Red Velvet Dragon, a being created solely out of her magic, has this), Portal Creation, Illusion Creation (Stated by Priestess Cookie B to be able to do this. The White Lily Cookie that had been traveling with GingerBrave was one of her illusions), Magic, Summoning (Can summon Cake Witches and the Cookies of Darkness. All Cookies can use Cookie Cutters to forcefully summon other Cookies for assistance), Transformation (Can transform herself into White Lily Cookie), BFR (When defeated, she BFRs herself through a portal and can come back from this portal at any time), Regeneration (Low-Godly, possibly Mid-Godly. Just like the other Legendary Cookies, Dark Enchantress Cookie is merely an avatar of the concept of chaos and darkness, and can create a new body at any time), Status Effect Inducement (Stunning, interrupting attacks, etc), Existence Erasure (When her Cake Witches successfully grab an enemy or obstacle, the target becomes enveloped in darkness and is erased from existence), Possession (Possessed the Eerie Anglerfish and spoke to Lobster Cookie through it), Creation (Created Matcha Cookie), Power Nullification (Nullified Pure Vanilla Cookie's forcefield with Soul-Piercing Gaze), Teleportation, Immortality (Types 1 and 4), Resistance to Bone Manipulation (Cookies don't have bones), Sealing (Easily broke out of a Moonstone, which passively seals the one inside. Moonlight Cookie was unable to break out of a Moonstone without assistance), Disease Manipulation (Scaling from Tiger Lily Cookie, who can harm Jellywalkers with physical attacks. Cookies are mutated into Jellywalkers on contact with them, becoming a "jelly-eyed mindless monster" in the process), Extreme Cold and Cosmic Radiations (Can exist in space without any problems)

As before on a massively higher scale minus Fate Manipulation. Avatar Creation, Abstract Existence (Type 1, is the concept of Chaos), passive Fear Manipulation (Strikes fear into the hearts of the likes of GingerBrave, who is repeatedly stated to be the bravest Cookie), Chaos Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3, is the concept of Chaos)

Thought-based Magnetism Manipulation and Magic (via Magic 101), Water Manipulation (via Wave Away), Weapon Mastery, Transmutation (via Spiky Power!, Strawberry Power!, etc.), Weapon Creation and Shockwave Creation (via Candy Glaive Strike) Statistics Amplification (via Go Go Candy Board!), Summoning (via Cheerful Cheer), Existence Erasure and Absorption (via The Devil's Touch and Glass'o Grape Juice), Empathic Manipulation (via Alluring Charm), Explosion Manipulation (via Ch-ch-cherry Bomb), Electricity Manipulation and Darkness Manipulation (via Dark Thunderstorm), Morality Manipulation and Invulnerability (via Invincible Courage)

Attack Potency: Multiverse level (She has surpassed the Witches in power, who are at this level. Fought Dark Enchantress Cookie alongside the other members of The Five as White Lily Cookie) | Multiverse level (Far stronger than before. Caused the Eternal Night, which would've destroyed the entire cosmology and remade it in her image, and presumably defeated everyone who stood in her path)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Could keep up with GingerBrave and his team, as well as The Five)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Multiverse level

Durability: Multiverse level (Can take hits from The Five. Pure Vanilla Cookie is capable of temporarily clashing with Dark Enchantress Cookie's magic with his own, even when she had the Five's Soul Jams. The rest of The Five are equal to Pure Vanilla Cookie. Takes hits from Dark Enchantress Cookie as White Lily Cookie)

Stamina: Very high (Scales above Pomegranate Cookie, who traveled across several continents on foot)

Range: Multiversal

Standard Equipment: She always has her Candy Cane Staff of Darkness on hand. She also usually has her Pet, Eternal Eye of Darkness, around to create strong laser beams that have the same physiology as Cake Witches as Dark Enchantress Cookie. As White Lily Cookie, she always has her Lily Staff on hand, which lets her cast magic along with housing her Soul Jam.

Intelligence: Genius (Devised a plan to start the Eternal Night in a short amount of time, while accounting for naturally unpredictable characters like Timekeeper Cookie. Is capable of corrupting Sea Fairy Cookie, Wind Archer Cookie, Fire Spirit Cookie and Moonlight Cookie, who all know about her corruption powers. Retains all of her knowledge as White Lily Cookie, who was the top of her class at the Blueberry Yogurt Academy)

Weaknesses: Dark Moon Magic requires the highest price to be paid in return for its power (such as when White Lily Cookie was sealed inside of a Moonstone for using it). As White Lily Cookie, The Soul Jam on her White Lily Staff is tied to her power and life source. If it is stolen or destroyed, she will become immensely weaker, to the point of being unable to attack or move | None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Dangerous Question.gif

Dangerous Question: Dark Enchantress Cookie creates several spheres made of darkness and hurls them at the enemy, stunning them for a few seconds in a large radius and effectively stopping the effects of their attacks.

Ravenous Slicer.gif

Ravenous Slicer: A Cake Witch will slash the enemies with their trident, dealing a great amount of damage while also creating several explosions, stunning the enemy. This move was enough to one-shot The Five.

Soul-Piercing Gaze.gif

Soul-Piercing Gaze: The Cake Witch and/or the Eternal Eye of Darkness fires a beam of dark energy at the target. This attack will push the target back rapidly if they are not erased. This attack also has the capability to nullify barriers.

Terrible Truth / Magic Circle: Dark Enchantress Cookie creates her own Magic Circle around the enemies, dealing a fixed amount of damage and immobilizing them while they are under the effects of this attack.

Voracious spirits.gif

Voracious Spirits: Dark Enchantress Cookie summons a Cake Wraith and several Cake Hounds to assist her in battle.

Key: Dark Enchantress Cookie / White Lily Cookie | Chaos Incarnate

Note: When used in VS debates, the OP must clarify which form Dark Enchantress Cookie / White Lily Cookie starts out in while using the first key.


Notable Victories:

Mario (Mario Bros) Mario's Profile (Pure Hearts Mario and Dark Enchantress Cookie were used, speed was equalized, both had prior knowledge, winning was via incapacitation and Mario was bloodlusted and had all optional equipment)

Son Goku (Xeno) (Dragon Ball Heroes) Xeno Goku's Profile (Dark Enchantress Cookie was used and had all of her Pets and Continuum Cog's Conceptual Manipulation was restricted, Goku did not have the Keysword and winning was via incapacitation, death or BFR)

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:


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