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Megumi using the shadows (anime).png
I didn't save you because it was the logical thing to do. I didn't want to see a good person, no matter how dangerous, die. I did have to think about it. In the end, it was a selfish, emotional decision. But that's okay. I'm not a hero, i'm a Jujutsu sorcerer.
~ Megumi Fushiguro to Yuji Itadori

Megumi Fushi.png
We aren't heroes fighting for justice, we're Jujutsu sorcerers. No one can ever truly judge us, so we must continually prove the worth of our existence.
~ Megumi Fushiguro to Yuji Itadori


Megumi Fushiguro is the deuteragonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. While outwardly stoic and calculating, Megumi wishes to help protect people he sees as good or kind.

He believes that the world is unfair and that a sorcerer is a tool to ensure kind people are given more chances to live. Claiming it to be his selfish and irrational desire, he does not see himself as a hero for doing this.

This belief that good people deserve saving motivated him to save Yuji Itadori from immediate execution and refused to regret the choice even as Sukuna was about to kill him. On the contrary, he is quite callous when discussing the deaths of criminals and killers as he believes they are not worth saving.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 9-A, varies with Shikigami, at least Low 7-B with Mahoraga | 8-A, varies with Shikigami, at least Low 7-B with Mahoraga | 8-A, higher with Domain Expansion, varies with Shikigami, at least Low 7-B with Mahoraga | At least 8-A, Low 7-C with Domain expansion, varies with Shikigami, at least Low 7-B with Mahoraga

Name: Megumi Fushiguro

Origin: Jujutsu Kaisen

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Classification: Human, Jujutsu Sorcerer, Shaman Grade 2, Grade 1 Candidate

Powers and Abilities:

All previous abilities, plus:

Attack Potency: Likely Small Building level (As a grade 2 sorcerer, he should be stronger than Nobara), Varies with Shikigami (His Shikigami varies in destructive power), at least Small City level+ with Mahoraga | Multi-City Block level (damaged the weak spot on Hanami), Varies with Shikigami, at least Small City level+ with Mahoraga | Multi-City Block level+ (Stronger than before, could fight Awasaka alongside Yuji), higher with Domain expansion (Can harm the Finger Bearer), Varies with Shikigami, at least Small City level+ with Mahoraga | At least Multi-City Block level+ (Stronger than before, implied to be superior to a weakened Nanami, Naobito and Maki) Varies with Shikigami, Small Town level with Domain expansion (Domain Expansion expands the potential of his technique to 120 percent), at least Small City level+ with Mahoraga

Speed: Unknown | Hypersonic (Can fight in tandem with Maki against a nonchalant Hanami) | High Hypersonic+ (Fought in sync with Yuji against Awasaka) | High Hypersonic+ (could dodge an attack from Toji Fushiguro)

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Can hold approximately 2.4 Tons inside his own Domain)

Striking Strength: Unknown | Multi-City Block Class (Briefly traded blows with Noritoshi Kamo in combat) | Multi-City Block Class, higher with Domain expansion (Can damage the Finger Bearer) | At least Multi-City Block Class+, Small Town Class with Domain expansion (Physically overwhelmed Reggie Star)

Durability: Small Building level (Took hits from curses that are this strong) | At least Multi-City Block level (Can take hits from a nonchalant Aoi Todo | At least Multi-City Block level (Survived attacks from the Finger Bearer), higher with Domain Expansion | At least Multi-City Block level+ (Stronger than before), Small Town level with Domain expansion

Stamina: Peak Human (Able to keep fighting after sustaining a grievous head injury. Was able to stay conscious after relentless beatings from Sukuna and Todo)

Range: Tens of Meters with Shikigami

Standard Equipment: None notable | Tonfas, Megumi's primary cursed tool was a special grade sword with a jet-black blade. Along with a large assortment of other weapons, Megumi keeps this blade within his own shadow | Swords alongside the Playful Cloud | Swords and other weapons

Intelligence: Genius (Stated to be a genius as he enrolled into Jujutsu High already as a grade 2 sorcerer, Megumi has showcased a high level of tactical thinking on numerous occasions. He is capable of quickly spotting various weaknesses his opponents may have, being the person to recognize Hanami's branches as his weak spot. Megumi is also capable of determining cursed techniques his opponents may have, shown during the fight him and Yuji had against Awasaka and later when he discovered the properties of Kirara Hoshi's innate technique)

Weaknesses: If he summons Mahoraga, it will kill him, if he and whoever he is fighting cannot defeat it in an exorcism ritual

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Ten Shadows Technique: It is a technique which uses shadows to create shikigami, and is able to process ten at once. Megumi can use this technique to create various advanced shikigami and store objects along with himself in the shadows. When one of the shikigami destroyed its power can be inherited into another to make them more powerful.
  • Divine Dogs: Fushiguro summons two black and white shikigami dogs that chase and devour curses. Later, after the White Divine Dog was destroyed, its abilities and cursed energy were inherited by Divine Dog: Totality.
  • Divine Dog: Totality: It is an improved version of the black Divine Dog shikigami which inherited the power of the fallen white Divine Dog. It is powerful enough to contend with special grade cursed spirits.
  • Nue: An owl-like shikigami that can fly. Its offensive abilities are mostly dive attacks from the sky, but it has also been shown to use lightning to paralyze enemies
  • Max Elephant: An elephant shikigami that is of releases a large amount of water from its trunk. Megumi can only use its base form and without any other shikigami activated since it burns a lot of cursed energy.
  • Rabbit Escape: A large amount of rabbit shikigami that distract the enemy, so that the user can escape from an enemy.
  • Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga:The most powerful shikigami that may be summoned via Ten Shadows technique. At this point not a single user of the Technique has been able to exorcise Mahoraga.
  • Chimera Shadow Garden : The area is flooded with a large amount of liquid shadow. Within this domain, Megumi is capable of summoning multiple shikigami and even creating a clone of himself from the shadow. When the domain is deployed, Megumi is capable of hiding within an enemy's shadow and attack from their blind spot. Currently, Megumi's Domain is unpolished and incomplete.

Key: Introduction to Cursed Womb Incident | Goodwill Event | Origin of Obedience to Early Shibuya | Late Shibuya to early Tokyo Colony arc


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