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Primarchs Perturabo coverart.png
Guilt upon the soul, like rust upon iron, both defiles and consumes it, gnawing and creeping into it, until at last it eats out the very heart and substance of the metal. But if all the world hates you, and believes you wicked, while your own conscience absolves you from guilt, you will not be without friends.


Tell them ruin has come to their world,
Death, despair and red war...
Tell them their hopes and pride have come to nothing,
Tell them their empty whispers fall upon deaf ears
their gods are dead,
human reason has killed them,
Tell them the Angels of Death have come,
Tell them nothing can save them now.


"The Imperium is my father's folly. I try to believe in it because I want it to be true, just like I wanted my great buildings to be true, and the perfect societies that would use them to exist. But they cannot be. There is no such thing as perfection, humanity is too chaotic to accept true order."

​Perturabo​, widely regarded as the ​Hammer of Olympia​ is Primarch of the Traitor Legion of the Iron Warriors. He was one of twenty genetically modified children, who at birth was placed on a random planet away from the God Emperor's gene lab by the ruinous powers. Raised on the planet of Olympia in an environment devoid of kindness or hope, grown to be a child prodigy and soon excellent warrior who easily dominated the battlefield with his intellect and combative prowess. He became a callous and calculating fighter with the prolonged exposure of his home planet.

Following the return of his father, he joined him in the Imperium of Man and during the Horus Heresy was one of multiple Primarchs who fell to the Chaos Gods. During the events of Horus' treachery pressure grew atop of him with the breaking point being the purging of his home world of Olympia, realizing his acts were not saviors but mass genociders of a tyrannical empire. After the events of his Drop-Site Massacre following the crippling of Rogal Dorn and his forces, he ascended to rank of Daemon Prince serving Chaos Undivided. 

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 8-C, likely far higher | At least High 8-C, likely far higher | At least 4-B, likely higher | At least 2-C

Name: Perturabo, the Hammer of Olympia, the ​Lord of Iron, the Breaker

Origin: Warhammer 40,000

Gender: Male

Age: 10,000+ years old

Classification: Primarch of the Iron Warriors Space Marines, Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided

Powers and Abilities: 

Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsGenius Intelligence, Enhanced SensesImmortality (Types 1 and 3), Regeneration (Low-Mid), Weapon Mastery (Extremely skilled in a wide variety of weaponry to an extent far greater than what could ever be achievable by a regular human), Martial Arts (As a Primarch, Perturabo is one of the best close-quarters fighters in the entire galaxy), Large Size (Type 0; Should be comparable to Primarchs like the Lion who's stated to be a little under 3 meters tall[1] and Mortarion who's stated to be twice the height of a mortal man[2]), Information Analysis (Can accurately analyze any chemical he eats/tastes and break them down if required[3]), Limited Memory Manipulation (Can eat creatures/people and absorb part of their memories from their DNA/RNA[3]), Technology Manipulation (His skin can directly connect and interface with his armor, among several other pieces of Astartes equipment[4]), Vehicular Mastery, Matter Manipulation and Durability Negation (Power weapons generate a field of energy around themselves that splits the bonds between matter[5], making it easier to break through targets), Explosion Manipulation (Utilizes numerous weapon pods built into his armour[6]), Forcefield Creation (Via Iron Halo[7]), Teleportation via Dimensional Travel, Mind Manipulation and Soul Manipulation (Primarchs can fight on a physical, mental, and spiritual level[8]) Aura (Primarchs are said to contain an overwhelming aura that completely baffles regular humans, as well as sometimes Astartes. Their presence in the Warp is so powerful and influencing that Magnus reduced several Remembrancers to tears over his seeming divinity[9], while Russ could make Ahzek Ahriman himself kneel before him with his sheer presence[10])

Resistance to Magic, Telepathy, Mind ManipulationEmpathic ManipulationSoul Manipulation, Reality Warping, Madness Manipulation, Aura (Resistant to all the myriad of different attacks that can be made on him by the powers of the Warp, as well as most of the powers of other Primarchs), Disease Manipulation, Poison Manipulation (Astartes are practically immune to all diseases and poisons, and their Primarchs should logically be even tougher), Corruption, Radiation Manipulation (Should almost be entirely immune to the effects of radiation exposure, thanks both to his Power Armor and enhanced physiology), Heat Manipulation (Astartes are incredibly resistant towards extremes of hot and cold, and logically their Primarchs should be far superior), Pain Manipulation (Astartes possess the physiology and mental training to shrug off debilitating injuries, and their Primarchs should easily scale)

Attack Potency: At least Large Building level, likely far higher (Comparable to the other Primarchs. Staggered and cracked the armour of Daemon Angron[6]. Tore apart the body of Daemon Angron using his weapon pods[6]. Bloodied and disfigured the face of Fulgrim with his blows[19]) | At least Large Building level, likely far higher (Should be much stronger to his previous self. Fought with Daemon Mortarion[20]) | At least Large Building level, likely far higher (Superior to Bloodthirsters within the Eye of Terror who can grow to the size of solar systems[21]. Should be comparable to the other Daemon Primarchs) | At least Low Multiverse level (Should be comparable to Daemon Primarch Magnus, albeit somewhat weaker)

Speed: At least Subsonic movement speed (Should be far faster than regular Marines), with Massively FTL+ reactions/attack speed (Comparable to Sanguinius) | At least Subsonic movement speed, with Massively FTL+ reactions/attack speed (Far faster than before) | At least Subsonic movement speed, with Massively FTL+ reactions/attack speed (Should be at least comparable to before) | Immeasurable (Beyond the concepts of time, space, or distance)

Lifting Strength: Class K (Scaling from Angron) | At least Class K | At least Class K | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: At least Large Building Class, likely far higher| At least Large Building Class, likely far higher | At least Solar System Class, likely higher | At least Low Multiversal

Durability: At least Large Building level, likely far higher (Took hits from Daemon Angron[6]) | At least Large Building level, likely far higher | At least Solar System level, likely higher | At least Low Multiverse level

Stamina: Superhuman (Primarchs are capable of fighting with shattered ribs, caved in abdomens and even fractured skulls[22]. Nothing short of a killing blow can stop them, and even their immensely lesser Space Marine sons can fight for weeks on end without stop) | Infinite | Infinite | Infinite

Range: Several meters range, kilometers with ranged weapons | Extended melee Range, kilometers with ranged weapons, planetary with daemonic aura | Extended melee Range, kilometers with ranged weapons, planetary with daemonic aura, possibly higher with other daemonic abilities (Daemons in the Eye of Terror can grow to the size of solar systems and affect areas of similar size) | Hyperversal

Standard Equipment:

  • ​The Logos:​ Perturabo bears a mighty set of personalized terminator artificer armor bearing features more akin to the likes of ceramite from his home world of Olympia to feel more accustomed to the panoply. It provides an efficient line of the defense against the likes of many attacks why also bearing a complex set of cybernetics to gaining the ability to cycle through his weapons more proficiently​. Such armor is crafted by the likes of Perturabo himself.
  • Forge Breaker: A fantastical hammer fabricated by the Primarch Fulgrim, for his brother Ferrus Manus beneath the mount of Narodyna, widely regarded as the greatest of forges on Terra. Such a weapon bears the length of the average man, and was constructed with an alloy designed to be indestructible by nature. It holds a fearsome appearance with a rear-ended collage of spikes with a flat deadly face. Following the death of Manus, the hammer was gifted to Perturabo as a sign of his newly forged allegiance to him. 
  • ​Wrist-Mounted Combi-Bolter:​ A variant of the commonly utilized Space Marine rifle mounted atop the gauntlets of the Iron Warriors Primarch packaging custom made ammo capable of igniting and punching through the panoply of the Adeptus Astartes.
  • Frag Grenades: ​Anti-personal explosives capable of eviscerating unarmored opponents.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Each Primarch possesses intelligence far above what any unaugmented person and even most Space Marines are capable of achieving, and they are each masters in their own respective fields of combat, being considered the greatest generals humanity has ever produced. Perturabo was considered to be the most technologically adept out of all the Primarchs, creating works of genius that rivaled the works of Roboute Guilliman and Magnus the Red. His inner sanctum contained a superb collection of precisely reconstructed stonework, multiple murals and painted works of art as well as hundreds of rolled parchments containing architectural wonders of his own design. Immense drawing desks bore architectural plans for grand pavilions, magnificent amphitheatres, complex industrial infrastructures, vast hives of habitation, impregnable citadels and ornate palaces to rival that of the mountain fastness of the Emperor Himself. Perturabo's genius was not only confined to the drawing board, for he had also crafted hundreds of delicately wrought machines, trinkets and gewgaws of such fine construction that it seemed impossible one so huge had modelled them. A silver lyre in the shape of a horse's head, gilded eggs, fabulously wrought birdcages that would never again confine a living creature, and miniature war machines competed for space alongside automata of all shapes and description -- animal, mechanical, human and alien. He had crafted a golden lion that was to be presented to Lion El'Jonson, a bronze horse that had been designed for a great centrepiece at Nikaea, a celestial timepiece that Roboute Guilliman had mounted on the tallest tower of his Temple of Correction on Macragge, and a sextant with infinitely more dimensions on Magnus' request. Perturabo was also a supremely gifted general and tactician but was overlooked by many including the Emperor for Rogal Dorn due to his personality and him recklessly wasting the lives of his Legion, and during the Siege of Terra proved himself to be just as gifted as Dorn as he smashes through their defenses and caused such devastating losses to the Imperial Fists that they were decommissioned for over a decade)

Weaknesses: Post Drop Site Massarce he has been transformed into a shell-shocked war veteran that suffers from extreme anger issues and spontaneous outbursts of rage. Speaking his true name will bind him and give whoever spoke it control over him | Speaking his true name will bind him and give whoever spoke it control over him | Cannot manifest his full power outside the Warp | None notable

Key: Primarch | Daemon Prince | In the Eye of Terror | In the Warp



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