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That which causes us trials shall yield us triumph, and that which makes our hearts ache shall fill us with gladness. For the only true happiness is to learn, to advance and to improve. None of this could happen without rejecting error, ignorance and imperfection. We must pass out of the darkness to reach the light.

Join with me. You must be tired of all this strife. We can bring an end to war, and revel together in sweet excess for all eternity. I can show you things, pleasures, you would never have dreamed existed. You think of the Warp as a hell, but it can be a heaven also. Together, we can usher in an age of delight for all mankind that will never end.
~ Fulgrim to Roboute Guilliman


Fulgrim, also known in the time before the Horus Heresy as The Phoenician, is the Primarch of the Emperor's Children Traitor Legion. He possessed silvery-white hair and was quite vainglorious, as his entire life was dedicated to the pursuit of perfection in all things; physical, mental and spiritual. Today, Fulgrim is a four-armed, serpentine Daemon Prince of Slaanesh who is believed to reside on a Daemon World somewhere within the Eye of Terror. Unknown to almost everyone, including his own remaining Chaos Space Marines, Fulgrim expressed remorse, repenting his corruption by the Ruinous Powers during the Drop Site Massacre on Istvaan V during the opening days of the Horus Heresy nearly ten millennia ago. A Greater Daemon of Slaanesh took advantage of this weakness to possess his body for a time, but Fulgrim used his spiritual imprisonment to further explore the power of Chaos and eventually turned the tables on the daemon and forced it into imprisonment to regain control of his body.

Fulgrim emerged from that experience even more committed to the pursuit of the path of sensation offered by Slaanesh and Chaos, and after the Horus Heresy he was rewarded for his devotion with ascension as a Daemon Prince of the God of Pleasure. His current exact location remains unknown to the Imperium and the majority of the Chaos Space Marines of the Emperor's Children Legion who still wander the galaxy in pursuit of their own pleasure and ascension.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 8-C, likely far higher | At least High 8-C, likely far higher | At least 4-B, likely higher | At least 2-C

Name: Fulgrim, the Phoenician, the Illuminator, the Perfector of Chemos

Origin: Warhammer 40,000

Gender: Male

Age: Over 10,000 years old, irrelevant in the Warp

Classification: Primarch of the Emperor's Children Space Marines, Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsGenius Intelligence, Enhanced SensesImmortality (Types 1 and 3), Regeneration (Low-Mid), Large Size (Type 0; Should be comparable to Primarchs like the Lion who's stated to be a little under 3 meters tall[1] and Mortarion who's stated to be twice the height of a mortal man[2]), Information Analysis (Can accurately analyze any chemical he eats/tastes and break them down if required[3]), Limited Memory Manipulation (Can eat creatures/people and absorb part of their memories from their DNA/RNA[3]), Technology Manipulation (His skin can directly connect and interface with his armor, among several other pieces of Astartes equipment[4]), Martial Arts (As a Primarch, Fulgrim is one of the best close-quarters fighters in the entire galaxy, he could fight evenly with Ferrus Manus and at times get the upper-hand with an unfamiliar weapon), Weapon Mastery (Skilled in a wide variety of weaponry to an extent far greater than what could ever be achievable by a regular human), Vehicular Mastery, Matter Manipulation and Durability Negation (Power weapons generate a field of energy around themselves that splits the bonds between matter[5], making it easier to break through targets. Volkite weapons can cause targets to combust inside their armour), Forcefield Creation (Via Iron Halo[6]), Teleportation via Dimensional Travel, Poison Manipulation and Regeneration Negation (With the Anathame[7]. Fulgrim stated that the Athame gave Guilliman a scar that would never heal[8]), Corruption (Type 2; The Anathame was used to corrupt Horus and turn him to Chaos[9]), Heat Manipulation (With the Fireblade), Mind Manipulation and Soul Manipulation (Primarchs can fight on a physical, mental, and spiritual level[10]) Aura (Primarchs are said to contain an overwhelming aura that completely baffles regular humans, as well as sometimes Astartes. Their presence in the Warp is so powerful and influencing that Magnus reduced several Remembrancers to tears over his seeming divinity[11], while Russ could make Ahzek Ahriman himself kneel before him with his sheer presence[12])

Resistance to Magic, Telepathy, Mind ManipulationEmpathic ManipulationSoul Manipulation, Reality Warping, Madness Manipulation, Aura (Resistant to all the myriad of different attacks that can be made on him by the powers of the Warp, as well as most of the powers of other Primarchs), Disease Manipulation, Poison Manipulation (Astartes are practically immune to all diseases and poisons, the Primarchs have even higher resistances), Corruption, Radiation Manipulation (Should almost be entirely immune to the effects of radiation exposure, thanks both to his Power Armor and enhanced physiology), Heat Manipulation (Astartes are incredibly resistant towards extremes of hot and cold), Pain Manipulation (Astartes, who are made from their Primarchs' genes, possess the physiology and mental training to shrug off debilitating injuries)

All previous abilities on a massively higher level, Flight, Self-Sustenance (Type 1, 2 and 3; Being a daemon, Fulgrim has no mortal requirements), Immortality (Types 3, 4, 8, and 9; Daemons cannot die in the typical sense, only being sent back to the Warp when killed in the materium. Whether or not they come back is entirely dependent on if their God allows them to[13]), Regeneration (Low-High normally, Low-Godly overtime; Regenerated from the Life-Eater virus of the Ancient Rylanor's virus bomb[14]. The Life-Eater virus has been shown to completely liquify all biological matter it comes in contact with[15]. Upon physical death or banishment, Daemons will simply regenerate in the Warp as long as the ideas and metaphors that they rely on have not been affected[16]), Reality Warping, Law Manipulation, and Chaos Manipulation in the Eye of Terror, Precognition and Retrocognition (Upon "ascension" to Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, Fulgrim claimed he could see the past, present and future and came to the epiphany that the galaxy was nothing of real significance in the bigger picture[17]), Telekinesis (Capable of telekinetically crushing objects around him[18]), Forcefield Creation (Capable of creating psychic barriers to block attacks[18]), Shapeshifting and Size Manipulation (Capable of altering his shape and size at will[19]), Possession and Dream Manipulation (Even Lesser Daemons can reach beyond the veil and possess mortals, even entering their dreams to do so[20]), Dimensional Travel (Capable of travelling from the Warp into the Materium[21]), Damage Reduction (Ranged weaponry is incredibly ineffective when used against a daemon, requiring more traditional weapons to fully banish them[22]), Madness Manipulation (Type 3) and Corruption (Types 1 and 2; Looking upon a daemon can cause insanity and corrupt the mind, body, and soul of an individual), Enhanced Soul Manipulation (The powers of daemons inherently utilize and affect the soul), Summoning (Powerful Daemons are capable of summoning lesser daemons to aid them in combat[23])

Same as before but to a higher degree

Attack Potency: At least Large Building level, likely far higher (Comparable to the other Primarchs. Battled with and eventually killed Ferrus Manus[26] and perfect clones of him on numerous occassions) | At least Large Building level, likely far higher (Fought and mortally wounded Roboute Guilliman during their confrontation after the Horus Heresy[8]. Effortlessly tore apart Rylanor's limbs[14]. Despite being damaged, Rylanor should've had comparable durability to other Dreadnoughts) | At least Solar System level, likely higher (Superior to Bloodthirsters within the Eye of Terror who can grow to the size of solar systems[27]. Should be comparable to the other Daemon Primarchs) | At least Low Multiverse level (Should be comparable to Daemon Primarch Magnus, albeit somewhat weaker)

Speed: At least Subsonic movement speed (Should be far faster than regular Marines), with Massively FTL+ reactions/attack speed (Comparable to Sanguinius) | At least Subsonic movement speed, with Massively FTL+ reactions/attack speed (Far faster than before) | At least Subsonic movement speed, with Massively FTL+ reactions/attack speed (Should be comparable to before) | Immeasurable (Beyond the concepts of time, space, or distance)

Lifting Strength: Class K (Should be comparable to Angron) | At least Class K | At least Class KImmeasurable

Striking Strength: At least Large Building Class, likely far higher | At least Large Building Class, likely far higher | At least Solar System Class, likely higher | At least Low Multiversal

Durability: At least Large Building level, likely far higher (Engaged in a lengthy duel with Ferrus Manus. Endured a punch containing enough force to crush Terminator Armour, with it barely bruising him[28]) | At least Large Building level, likely far higher. Higher with psychic barriers (Blocked explosions and shrapnel that would've killed Horus[18]) | At least Solar System level, likely higher | At least Low Multiverse level

Stamina: Superhuman (Primarchs are capable of fighting with shattered ribs, caved in abdomens and even fractured skulls[29]. Nothing short of a killing blow can stop them, and even their immensely lesser Space Marine sons can fight for weeks on end without stop) | Infinite | Infinite | Infinite

Range: Several meters melee range, kilometers with ranged attacks | Several meters melee range, planetary with daemonic aura, possibly higher (Scaling from daemons that can grow to the size of, or warp, entire solar systems) | Several meters melee range, planetary with daemonic aura, possibly higher (Scaling from daemons that can grow to the size of, or warp, entire solar systems) | Hyperversal

Standard Equipment:

  • Blade of Laer: A powerful Daemonblade discovered by Fulgrim on the xenos-controlled world Laeran. The blade held the essence of a malign Keeper of Secrets, Slaanesh's greater daemons, who eventually possessed Fulgrim's body, imprisoning the Primarch's soul in a portrait of himself. However, during his imprisonment, Fulgrim learned the mysterious ways of the Warp, and eventually forced the daemon from his body, trapping it in the same fate it had attempted to force on him. Though no longer possessed, the sword still contained immense power. Fulgrim later gifted it to his trusted Praetor, Lucius.
  • The Anathame: This mysterious blade was gifted to Fulgrim by Warmaster Horus during the events of the Heresy. Due to being blessed by Nurgle himself, the blade possesses a unique and incredibly lethal property. If the wielder of blade speaks the name of their target, the Anathame will become fatal to that target, conjuring supernatural poisons specifically designed for them. These toxins are able to completely nullify the target's regenerative properties, override the immune system of beings normally completely immune to poison and disease, and render all medical means used on them, no matter how scientifically advanced, completely useless. Even a single wound from the weapon can result in a startlingly quick death. The only way to stop the process and undo the effects is for the one who inflicted the wound to willingly do so, or to overpower the Chaotic influence. Fulgrim used this blade to ascend to daemonhood.
  • Fireblade: Crafted by Ferrus Manus as the "perfect weapon", Fulgrim in turn built and gave Ferrus the hammer Forgebreaker. A Power Sword capable of generating immense heat, this finely crafted weapon was largely replaced when Fulgrim discovered the Blade of Laeran.
  • Firebrand: Fulgrim will often switch between a wide variety of firearms and ranged weaponry depending on his mood. Firebrand happened to be one of the most common. A master-crafted Volkite Charger, the weapon fires precise, concentrated shots of thermal energy which can punch through even the hardiest of armour and have a devastating deflagration effect on those unfortunate enough to be hit.
  • The Gilded Panoply: Even in battle, Fulgrim strived to be the image of perfection. He wore a suit of master-crafted Artificer Power Armour covered in gorgeous gold and purple ornamentation and heraldry. Though the armour seems to have been destroyed immediately prior to his ascension to daemonhood, he has created a similar armour over his new form.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Incredibly adept at combat tactics, exceptional at leading an assortment of superhuman warriors with intellect vastly above those of the average man. Any Primarch bears intelligence far beyond all manner of the average or even above average human reach, with virtually all of them being considered geniuses in the fields they hold expertise in, with few capable of matching up their intellect individually. Masterful swordsman and combatant with skill few of even the most seasoned of fighters bear little chance of even attaining or equaling. Skilled technician, artisan, blacksmith, painter, sculptor and many more) | At least Extraordinary Genius, likely higher (Should possess the same intellect as before, though enhanced by the blessings of Slaanesh, along with countless more millennia of experience and a far vaster pool of knowledge)

Weaknesses: Can sometimes allow his own vanity and pride to get the better of him | Same as before. Cannot manifest his full power outside of the Warp. If a being knows his true name, they can bind and control him. | If a being knows his true name, they can bind and control him. | None notable.

Key: Heresy EraDaemon Prince | In the Eye of Terror | In the Warp



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