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The demon Mephisto (Marvel Comics)

Unholy Manipulation is the power to control and generate energies, elements, objects and entities that have been deemed hellish, demonic or unholy, forces that are connected with demons, evil spirits and anti-gods. The opposed power to Holy Manipulation.

Possible Uses

  • Empowerment: Users obtain inhuman levels of strength, speed, stamina, and even increase one's mental and spiritual capabilities by being empowered by evil entities. Few users can even become a vessel for a greater evil.
    • Thaumaturgy: Call upon the power of demons and devils through prayer and rituals, and perform "miracles".
  • Summoning: Synchronize the power with lesser unholy entities, either for combat purposes, induce curses or possessing others.
  • Corruption: Turns the purest soul and twist the clearest mind by inducing sin and vice into the heart. Some times, converting beings into demons, devil or other types of evil spirit its possible.
    • Sin Manipulation: Amplify the inner evil of other beings.
  • Energy/Elemental Manipulation: Generate, shape and control the innate energies, elements, and matter innate from the depts of hell, such hellfire, faust water, cursed earth, and corrupted light, as there's no element that can't be considered unholy. Due to their esoteric nature, these forces may be capable to directly affect the soul of the target, ignoring conventional durability and protections.