Aquaman underwater

Aquaman can breathe underwater.


Underwater Breathing is an ability that allows its users to breathe underwater. This may be accomplished through the usage of gills, scuba equipment, creating air pockets inside of water, or otherwise finding methods to breathe underwater. Rarely, users may be able to breathe inside of other liquids as well, such as lava or blood.

This differs from Self-Sustenance in that characters still need to breathe, but can receive the oxygen they need to breathe from water.

Possible Uses

This ability may be applied by those who live underwater, or frequently go underwater. In a combat situation, it can be used to evade an opponent that cannot breathe underwater, or to drown them.


Type 1 (Physiological Water-Breathing): User has gills or other physiological traits that allow them to breathe underwater, but not outside of it.

Type 2 (True Natural Breathing): User can breathe both in water and outside of it.

Type 3 (Breathing with Equipment): User can breathe underwater through external equipment, such as a scuba tank.

Type 4 (Breathing via Air Manipulation): User can create an air pocket in order to breathe underwater.


  • Users may not be able to breathe outside of water, or have limited breathing ability outside of water.
  • Users may need to create an air pocket inside of water in order to breathe.
  • Users may need to return to the water after being on land for an extended period of time due to dry skin or to restore their abilities.


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