The Underground is the current home of the civilization of the monsters, a species who used to coexist with humans on the Surface. Following a one-sided war, the monsters were sealed in the Underground by the Barrier set up by the humans. Since then, they have waited for humans to fall in the Underground in order to get their SOULs and escape the Underground.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A | 2-C to 2-B

Civilization Type: Post-Industrial Civilization

Name: Underground, Monsterkind

Origin: Undertale

Classification: Monster Civilization

Kardashev Level: Type 0

Age: Unknown, likely several hundreds of years, possibly more (The civilization was first sent underground back in medieval time, although it likely existed before that point)

Population: Unknown, at least 323 (The amount of monster SOULs seen in the ending plus Napstablook), likely higher

Territory: The Underground, at least 32,977 sq m (As calculated here)

Technology/Abilities: Magic, Soul Manipulation (All monsters can hit an opponent's soul with their regular attacks), Longevity, Danmaku, Various abilities depending on the individuals, Resistance to Soul Manipulation | Time Manipulation (Can SAVE & LOAD), Absorption (Can absorb souls)

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Even the weakest of monsters are capable of damaging a minimally determined Frisk) | Multi-Universe level to Multiverse level (Monsters can use the Human SOULs either to extract their Determination or absorb them, reaching power levels comparable to Photoshop Flowey)

Power Source: Geothermal Energy and Magic

Industrial Capacity: Unknown (They are able to keep up with the needs of its population both in term of food and technology)

Military Prowess: The Underground has several hundred combat-ready monsters and an unknown numbers of Royal Guards

Notable Individuals: Asgore Dreemurr, Toriel, Frisk, Undyne, Sans, Papyrus, Muffet, Alphys, Mettaton

Weaknesses: The entire civilization is currently locked in the Underground by the Barrier, with only certain individuals being able to cross it by absorbing the Human SOULs. Monsters, in general, are vulnerable to murderous intentions | The Human SOULs are still conscious to a degree and can break out of the control of whoever they absorbed in certain situations

Key: Individuals | Technology


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