Recurring VOID Effect.... First Clause, DIVIDE!
~ Match Opening

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Under Night In-Birth is a 2D, anime style, fighting game developed by French Bread and Arc Systems Work Co. for the PlayStation3. The game is arriving to Steam summer of 2016. The game has many different timelines all deciding on which character you choose to play the campaign as. Each character's campaign is different and has different endings depending on who you choose.

Power of the Verse

Under Night In-Birth is a decently powerful verse with characters reaching Town level in terms of attack potency. As for speed the characters reach manage to reach lightspeed. The series possesses a decent variety of abilities such as Soul Manipulation, Passive Madness Manipulation, Corruption, Power Nullification and Existence Erasure. The characters all also possess Type 5 Immortality and some characters even have Nonexistent Physiology.

The verse may receive an overall boost in power with the release of Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [cl-r].







Night Blade

Licht Kreis

Ritter Schild


Exist Force Guardians (EFG)


Autonomic Nerves


Guest Characters

Game Theme

Under Night In-Birth OST- 1000 Years of Red & Black (Opening Theme)

Under Night In-Birth OST- 1000 Years of Red & Black (Opening Theme)

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