Trinity Seven

Summary of the Verse

Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Lust. These are the seven sins laid upon seven girls who rule over Biblia Academy. To retake his world, the boy decides he must control these sins... The boy, Arata Kasuga, has had the world he knows by a mysterious "Collapse Phenomenon", and his cousin Hijiri disappears into another dimension. To understand the Collapse Phenomenon and win back his cousin, he comes to Biblia Academy. There he finds the seven girls and their sins.

Power of the Verse

Trinity Seven has characters including the weak ones on Large Town Level scales all the way to Planetary Level scales. The verse has speeds from Massively Hypersonic speeds to FTL speeds due to hax abilities having to do with their Archives. Durability is high in this verse on Large Town to Planetary Scales so far. Along with these powerful archives like Vanitas and powerful transformations like Aeshma these get really hax throughout the series.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series







God Tier

Master Biblia

Master Libel

Arata Kasuga

Abyss Trinity

Astil Manuscript

High Tier

Lilith Asami


Yui Kurata


Levi Kazama

Arin Kannazuki

lliam Fragment

Mid Tiers

Hijiri Kasuga

Akio Fudo

Mira Yamana

Lieselotte Sherlock

Low Tier

Selina Sherlock


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