Tokyo Alice is a visual novel inspired by a story we all know and love – Lewis Carol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Tokyo Alice, created by indie team Bouquet in 2008, combines elements of the much loved story with some original characters and twists.


Outa and Arisu are childhood friends who have practically been in the same class since time existed. While Arisu’s head is always in the clouds, imagining fantastical stories and creatures, Outa is the straight man, making sure she always comes back to reality. When Arisu is away from school for three days, Outa starts to worry and goes to visit her house to check up on her. What he finds instead is a girl who insists she be called Alice who pulls him into a strange place called Wonderland. As Outa struggles to get his bearings in the quirky new world, he must find out what happened and wake Arisu from her dream.

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