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Illuminati478 wrote:
@SaberLily015 are you serious? first of all, stupid and unusable power logic is stupid and unusable, or are you saying that every regular human (which have the power-level of 5) in the dbzverse can casually continent bust?, you tried to set up a liniar formula (which is rich, since you yourself said power levels aren't liniear) when they obviously aren't, not to mention you need two totally different cases that give you the same multiplier, for it to be usable, and considering that the DBZverse lack feats in generaly, finding a feat that would confirm that liniar formula of yours is literaly a practice in futility.... 

secondly, yeah you proved that toriyama is as inconsitent as any other mangaka, good work... seriously though, if there is any problem with all this mess, then its an outlier on trunks and gotens part not on goku's, especially since it would be rediculous if beerus, who is literally the god of the verse, wouldn't be able to sense or at least figure out that goku hides some of his base strength, especially when that bambling idiot Captain Ginyu was able to do so very easily after a mere glance, and that was using a scouter, not even ki sensing, more over instead of powering up regularly after beerus's statement, goku resorts to the ssj transformations, further proving the point that it was his full power in base form...

Regular human can't manipulate the KI, they need training to do and if Muten need years to create something like a kamehameha, then you can see with even if they have a power levels of 5, the difference of power is still massively big.

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