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Unclechairman wrote:
Lord Kavpeny wrote:
Off-topic: Now, most of you might be feeling underwhelmed by Goku's power progression throughout the series. You may be feeling: "What? He only became (less than) 50 times stronger by the end of the Buu saga?"

Yes, his BoG base power does seem rather low, but I assure you, it actually an incredible figure. Want to know why? Simple example: Perfect Cell was toying around with Full Power Super Saiyan Gohan. Yet Super Saiyan 2 Gohan absolutely stomped him. And that was with just a 2x power up. When you look at it that way, 50x is a pretty accurate figure, no?

I have trouble beliveing that Super Saiyan 2 only gave a 2x power-up. Perfect Cell had suppressed his power throughout all of Goku's and nearly all of Gohan's entire fight, and still held a great advantage. When Gohan went Super Saiyan 2, however, he was so strong that he was not only stronger than a fully powered Perfect Cell, he completely dominated him, casually tanked or countered all of his strongest attacks, and later even held off and eventually overpowered Super Perfect Cell's strongest attack. This suggests to me more than simply a two times multiplier. Also take into account that Ascended Super Saiyan and Ultra Super Saiyan are likely multipliers as well, and they too were no match for a suppressed Perfect Cell.

The is the fact that Power Levels are not linear, they are likely more exponential, so the SSJ2 can actually be more than 2 time.

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