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Stefano4444 wrote:
Stefano4444 wrote:
The Living Tribunal1 wrote:
now I dont really want to escalate this, but when beerus said that frieza is stronger than base goku, goku wasnt in a fight

we have repeatedly seen that dbz characters tend to keep their power very low outside fights

heck, even in a fight, goku tends to raise his power only at the moment of attack or defnse. 

so, since goku wasnt in a battle yet, he was very likely powered down, and hence in a supressed state within his base form, the same way beerus was suppressed before going head to head with ssj god goku

Exactly (this fact is like to be forgot), also to be honest, even Goku Base Form (Buu Saga) was already more stronger than Freezer 100% and the Kaioshin.

1. Goku was able to lift and handle the Z Sword, without became SSj.

2. Gohan, to extract the sword, had to transform into SSj2, and to train with the sword in SSj (i'm not sure that was train in SSj2).

3. Gohan SSj2 although weaker than when he was a teen, was strong enough to deal with Dabura.

4. Goku says that Dabura should be at least powerful as Perfect Cell (i don't think he was referring to Super Perfect Cell).

5. Supreme Kai says that every kaioshin are 1000 times more powerful than Frieza (i do not know whether it has refers to its base form or final form) and that each could kill Frieza in one shot at full power.

6. Kibito was not able to lift the Z Sword.

Doing a few calculations, if all the Kaioshin was 1000 much more powerful than Frieza in base form (that is at least Large Planet Level), then they should be at least star busters.

Also there are to take into account (and we should don't ignore) all the power ups and transformations during the Android Saga and the Cell Saga.

And this is my respons of Illuminati478 that you forgot, if really Planet Vegeta (even if would be very improbable) has actually the same size of Earth, this mean that density would be insanely high.

The Stardestroyer unfortunately only takes into account diameter and gravity in his calculations, but i bet if the site would include even the density, the low levels would be even more higher (just see the Kai Planet example, that has a density higher than the Sun core).

Also, look at this that is from Daizenshuu:

This could show that Planet Vegeta is actually bigger than Earth.

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