• i normally post on the calc request form for these but they never seem to go anywhere,I understand we have limited calcers that cant take everyone's request but that's why i decided to post it here, if someone see's it and would like to calc it they can,if not they can just ignore it. anyway someone on the narutoforums asked this question "I'd like someone to calculate me Iidas propulsion speed based on this episode's showings. Stain was mere milliseconds away from cutting into Todoroki and Iida still made it in time and broke his sword with his leg. He has some ridiculous start up speed with Recipro Burst" I kinda agree.. and i couldn't find anything on narutoforums so i decided to ask my Home which is the wiki for answers.. so this happens both in the anime and manga but i would suggest the using the anime so you can find a good time frame.Feat starts at 1:19

    Manga feats




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