• So i was told by Ven that you knew about Aztec Mythology, i was wondering if you could give me an approximate tier for the following myth, the one of Huitzilopochtli

    "The four hundred male Centzonuitznaua and the female deity Coyolxauhqui. These children, angered by the manner by which their mother became impregnated, conspired to kill her. Huitzilopochtli burst forth from his mother’s womb in full armor and fully grown. He attacked his older brothers and sister, defending his mother by beheading his sister and casting her body from the mountain top. He also chased after his brothers, who fled from him and became scattered all over the sky.

    Huitzilopochtli is seen as the sun in mythology, while his many male siblings are perceived as the stars and his sister as the moon."

    So, Huitzilopochtli is the embodiment of the sun, he chased off 400 stars (his brothers) and decapitated the Moon (his sister)

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    • There's a problem with myths using flowery descriptions and exaggerations. How is a moon strung from a mountain top? It doesn't make sense. Stuff like that would end up being calc'd and still not be accurate. Even if we ignored this, there's a problem with the recent thread claiming embodiments of the sun aren't 4-C so....

      Even if I were to give this a tier, it'd be from decapitating his sister, which would be 5-C.

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    • K, thank you

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