• Just wanted to say hey and ask how it's going.

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    • Hey man, it's going good been kinda busy these past few days, so i didn't see this. Also congrats on your promotion man, You deserved it, you have been doing alot for the wikia and you are one of the Admins I respected alot overall.

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    • It's fine. I understand that life happens.

      Thank you very much, Allan. Really appreciate it :)

      Anyways what do you think of the Tournament of Power so far? Any fighters you like or dislike in particular?

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    • Hmmm I don't like how caulifa is cocky and arrogrant but I like that they learn fast inb4 SSB level Universe 6 saiyans loool. Kale interest me the most since I always liked broly concept ,obviously Jiren lived up to the hype as well for me atleast. Other than that the tournament is just meh, all I want is a good fight and animation.

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    • Well to be fair Caulifla likely can't sense some of the big boys' ki. So that might be why she thinks she's stronger than all them.

      Also imagine all the shitstorms that'd come if Goku or Vegeta say "Hey she looks like Broly" lol

      I'm looking most foward to seeing Jiren, Hit, Damon and U2 in action.

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    • Hey Allan. What's up?

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    • Life good normal stuff, exam just finished. Wondering what anime to watch etc.

      How about you.

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    • Ah that's nice to hear. I hope you did well. I think you know what anime I'd recommend (eyes)

      I'm doing great! Glad it's the weekend and that the school year will be over soon.

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    • My school year is over basically. I really want to know anime you wanna recommend (eyes).

      Btw what anime you currently watching.

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    • Cool. Also obviously KLK.

      None atm since I'm too busy ;-;

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    • _: thats tough. I was thinking your favorite anime wifu from .....Vehicle runs Allan Over.

      Wikia and Real life stuff i understand. I know i am late but what's your opinion on the ending of Super.

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    • Favorite waifu from what? Don't worry I won't get mad lol

      I'm glad you understand. Thanks bro.

      Very anticlimatic, but I liked 17's character developement, Goku and Frieza teaming up and found some of the scenes involving the universes' revival to be heartwarming. The ToP has been such a long and drawn out arc though. I'm glad that DBS is finally going to be moving on to other stories with that movie and hopefully a new series.

      Also some of the high god tiers of the series like Grand Priest and Zalama are shrouded in way too much mystery. I'd like to know more about them, but this is probably too much to as.

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    • Ah Its the same for me as well, I must say the part with Goku and Frieza hype me more than it should lool. 17 really impressed me like legit, I was in my feeling when he went down by Jiren till Super had him pop back like nothing i was like wtf. 

      Are you still interested in Martial artist stuff like before?

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    • Who's the waifu tho?

      I like how they made Goku and Frieza "Too weakened" to go into their higher forms. That way we get to seem them work together in their iconic SSJ and Final forms.

      Toriyama grew a major boner for 17 this arc.

      Of course. Why?

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    • I wish that AllanSaiyan returned.

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    • Skalt711 wrote:
      I wish that AllanSaiyan returned.

      Me too :(

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    • A FANDOM user
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