• Can you edit your composite mii profile to be more akin to the standard format?

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    • Akin to the standard format? What's missing?

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    • What if it's something that doesn't apply to themm, such as Key?

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    • Then the key does not need to be added

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    • Good. So what was missing on my profile before?

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    • it needed bolding in its tier, links to the abilities it had, some more justifications, and etc, tho i think someone deleted it?

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    • Yes, someone did. I'll fix that now.

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    • k, if you wouldn't mind, could you implement it as a comment here first so I check it over first?

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    • Sure.

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    • Summary

      A Mii is a customizable avatar used on several Nintendo video game consoles and mobile apps. Miis were first introduced on the Wii, and later extended to the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and various non-Nintendo smart devices.

      Powers and Stats

      Tier: 8-C, High 8-C with Samus’s suit

      Name: Mii(varies)

      Origin: Wii, 3DS, Wii U, Switch, Nintendo

      Gender: Varies

      Age: Varies

      Classification: Console avatar, swordsman, thief, mage, cleric, cook, pop star, etc.

      Powers and Abilities:  Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Blessed, Magic, Empathic, Willpower, Fire, Water, Sand, Ice, Explosion, Size, Plant, Electricity, Darkness, Light, Holy, and Sleep Manipulation, Resistance to Empathic Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, Status Effect Inducement, Resurrection, can summon another Mii, Healing, can resist being healed if he chooses, Smite, Regeneration(Low-Mid) via sleeping, utilizing HP Sprinkles, Safe Spot, or eating an HP Banana, Statistics Amplification of himself or others, Broadway Force, can assume the power of people from other Nintendo verses such as Link, Samus, or Olimar.

      Attack Potency: At least Building Level(Killed two Ganons in the same mission, the Dark Lord suggested that castles were mere piles of rocks to him and the Mii has destroyed monsters that took him effort to create, killed Grand Bulblord who is roughly the size of a building, can overpower and kill plenty of monsters that are able to do significant damage to him, and can do even more damage if he wants to impress someone ), Large Building Level via Samus’s suit(Defeated Kraid, who is the size of a large building) Can bypass standard durability with Righteous Anger(It always kills the opponent, but it can miss)

      'Speed: 'at least Subsonic(Faster than Ganon whocan easily block amped arrows by spinning his weapon, has dodged attacks from and occasionally blitzed other Miis who can most likely do the same on several occasions, can get many times faster via leveling up and discovering his full potential through the events of Miitopia), at least High Hypersonic via Whirlwind Blades(Can move so fast that enemies that could potentially outspeed him now appear frozen), Massively Hypersonic via Lightning(Summons cloud-to-ground lightning above your opponent)

      Lifting Strength: Peak human(Can casually wield a 2-handed sword in combat and potentially continue to do so while nearly dead , fatigued, poisoned by spores, and starving all at once, and can continue to do so through Enlarge Weapon, which around quintuples the size of your weapon)

      Striking Strength: At least Wall Class(Can slice through a giant timer as though it were made of butter)

      Durability: At least Building Level(Can tank numerous hits from Ganon who allegedly created every monster in Battle Quest, can survive blows from the Dark Lord’s bosses even while not at full potential, can consistently survive a plane crash at terminal velocity with no injuries, can survive numerous hits from demons capable of wrecking towns), Large Building Level via Samus’s suit(Can survive hits from Kraid)

      Stamina: Very high, can walk for days on end even while nearly dead, fatigued, starving, and poisoned by spores all at once, can do several dozen push-ups in a row over the span of a few seconds with zero negative effects. When he is portrayed as a doll-like figure in certain Nintendo Land games, he can keep fighting at full efficiency even while his seams are splitting.

      Range: Extended melee range with swords, daggers, staffs, frying pans, etc. Many yards via boom box, microphones, bows, gunship lasers, freeze ray, etc.

      Standard Equipment: Boxing gloves, baseball bat, golf club, Master Sword, Hero’s Bow, Samus’s suit, Samus’s Gunship, 700 other weapons from Miitopia alone

      Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius, is an absolute master at tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, boxing, sword fighting, wakeboarding, frisbee throwing, archery, basketball, table tennis, jetskiing, canoeing, bicycling, flying an airplane, skydiving, marksmanship, pool, fishing, riding cows, driving a tank and a racecar, finding people in a crowd, martial arts, shuriken throwing, dancing, running, chasing people, meditating, skiing, and has beaten the best person in the world at every one of these where a best person exists. Also has knowledge of weak points, the stock market, gardening, and can perfectly play any piece of music with any instrument.

      Weaknesses: Can sometimes be shown to act non optimally for the situation and can sometimes be clumsy when he’s not serious.


      • Defeated the Dark Lord, who was going to steal the faces of everyone on Earth and put them onto monsters
      • Mastered almost every single sport on the planet
      • Killed Ganon on several occasions
      • Defeated Kraid, who is the size of a large building, with Samus’s suit
      • Brought peace to universes made to copy popular universes such as Zelda, Metroid, and Pikmin
      • Knows everything there is to know about Wuhu Island as well as defended it from an army of invading Miis
      • Successfully saved the king of Miis and both his children
      • Conquered the world twice
      • Returned thousands of people's faces to their owners

      Notable Attacks/Techniques:

      • Jump Slash: You leap into the air, and slice down to string the enemy from above. Does roughly 1.4x your usual damage.
      • Proud Protector: You will massively boost your Durability and absorb all the damage your allies would have taken.
      • Snap Out of It: If a friend is being subjected to Empathic Manipulation, you will automatically bring them back to their senses.
      • Spin Slash: You spin in a circle, hitting every enemy in your way.
      • Booby Trap: You place a trap made of invisible electricity to interrupt and counter an enemy's attack.
      • Pilfer: You have an optimal chance of stealing something food-related from your opponent.
      • Backflip: Will sometimes automatically dodge an enemy's physical attacks.
      • Whirlwind Blades: Drastically increases your speed, allowing you to blitz enemies that could potentially outspeed you.
      • Fire: Causes your enemy to magically burst into flames.
      • Lightning: Summons cloud-to-ground lightning to hit a foe and 2 people next to him.
      • Sleep Tight: Causes a friend to fall asleep, recovering their health as they sleep.
      • Explosion: Causes an explosion, which always hits every single opponent you're fighting and never one of your own.
      • Enlarge Weapon: Temporarily makes a weapon really big, causing a massive attack boost.
      • Mega Fire: Hits an enemy with a searing flame similar to Fire, but much stronger.
      • Cure: Restores someone's health.
      • Removes Empathic Manipulation from every single friend you have.
      • Resurrection: Brings a friend back from the dead.
      • Righteous Anger: Kills an enemy through the power of absolute justice, can be dodged.
      • Mega Cure: Restores a great amount of health.
      • Show Off: Does extra damage to enemies to impress a friend.
      • Warning: Gives a friend a chance to automatically dodge an attack.
      • Praise: Compliments a friend to increase their stats.
      • Lend a Hand: Boosts the power of their friend's attack.
      • Get Well Soon: If a friend is in the Safe Spot, you can speed up their healing by visiting them.
      • Charity: If a friend has no items, they can use yours.
      • Avenge: If a friend is killed, you will hit the opponent with a massive blow.
      • Sacrifice: If a friend if going to be hurt, you can take damage instead of them.
      • Pincer: You and a friend attack from 2 sides and deal great damage to an enemy.
      • Lend a Hand II: Increase the chance and effect of Lend a Hand.
      • Share: Use a healing item on both you and a friend.
      • Last Wish: If you die, a friend is fully healed and given a critical hit to use.
      • Avenge II: If a friend is killed, you will hit the enemy with an even stronger attack.
      • Resurgence: You will come back from the dead if a friend is killed.
      • HP Sprinkles: Each Sprinkle heals 1 HP from an injured person, You can have many hundreds of HP Sprinkles and can heal yourself fully multiple times over by the endgame.
      • MP Sprinkles: Each Sprinkle gives a person 1 MP, which is what people use to cast magic.

      Note: Miis are not as big as the average human adult, most of the time they are portrayed smaller than grown ups. Also, most of the time another person is portrayed in these feats, having another person is completely optional. Lastly, moves above such as Show Off and Jump Slash can stack.

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    • Link the abilities and stuff like attack potency and etc,

      As for speed, what Ganon did should be Subsonic rather than Supersonic to hypersonic.

      Lifting Strength to be changed to Peak Human ( Swords are actually pretty light)

      What does it mean attacks can stack?

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    • Other than what I have right now, what else should I link?

      Would it matter if it was point blank?

      Wouldn't "two hand sword" imply that it would require a regular person would need 2 hands to wield it? Oh, I forgot to mention they did it with only one hand.

      Different moves such as Show Off and Jump Slash can stack to give an even greater boost.

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    • What I just said.

      Subsonic assumes ideal conditions, anything less than point blank would be inferior to subsonic. In other words, I was assuming it was point blank.

      Ye, generally because the sword is meant to be swung harder and faster.

      Oh I see, you should specifiy that then.

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    • Alright.

      It would still be UP TO Hypersonic though, since you can level yourself up REALLY high in Miitopia, and your speed increases every time when that happens .

      So would that be Superhuman or high Peak Human, since he only needs one hand?

      Makes sense.

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    • Nah, that would be considered game mechanics, or not scale to the mii who had the feat in the first place.

      Really High into Peak Human

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    • Alright, I'll make the changes, including adding even more links.

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    • Huh, I wonder why only my Powers and Abilities links didn't get carried over by the copy/paste.

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    • Something I just thought of, what if it applied to every character on the roster?

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    • what do you mean?

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    • Leveling up making you faster. Every single character you have also gains speed as their other stats do. They also all can eat food that permanently increases their stats, including speed. 

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    • Well it isn't the same mii that fights ganon is it? If it was, and the subsonic feat was early in game it would work, but from what I know that isn't true.

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    • Yes, it can be. I have the same Mii in Nintendo Land as I do in Miitopia.

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    • No, I meant like it had to be in the same game's version of a mii. (basically the same game)

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    • Oh, I see what you're saying.

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    • So I did everything you said. Is it okay now?

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    • Is my Composite Mii profile good now?

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    • Actually, remove the high hypersonic (As the enemies do actually move in the game, and it would be a variation of calc stacking/ assuming) part and there ya go. 

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    • Good. Remove it being high hypersonic, or remove it from Speed?

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    • remove it from speed

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    • Alright. I will do that now.

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