• Hey Baki, how's it going?

    Cross here, just wanted to say hi and how you doin' lately since we first/last talked on here and all. ^^

    Mm if it's not too much to ask, can i ask if there's anything noteworthy about the new Masada VN? I've been rather curious about it for a while (though it calmed down recently) but since you're kind of around now recently, i figured it was good to try asking ya directly about it....if you don't mind and if you're in the mood enough for it. It's all good if you don't want to now and just try at another time later.

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    • Nothing of note. I'm still in the infant stages of reading as I've been busy helping Sera with her depression.

      Just from what I have seen, though very little, it has potential.

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    • Ooooh.

      As I heard. No worries on that and sorry to hear still. Hoping she gets through with it soon.

      Is it alright if you can reply back of it when you've read more of it later?

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    • Hey Baki, how's it going again?

      Just a curious thing i wanted to ask on being i've found some stuff on Reinhard's spear and his Briah/Castle that it supposedly has statements in the main story of DI of being a universe in the form of the spear (for his Relic) and his Castle being described as being it's own universe or even infinite (or something of the sorts of the latter). I asked this as Ven in this one thread of DI about Reinhard's tiering......during DI, that he may be Universe level given that his Briah is part of him.....or something, idek. On top of maybe the spear as well. My concerns for that is Reinhard, even if he was said/thought to be much stronger than PostIkaBey, he didn't really demonstrate any feats that would put him at such a level. Only through statements of his Relic and Briah Castle.

      Do you mind telling me if this is just a form of flowery language or something that may be legit but just not something we ever took into consideration? If you don't mind taking the time to answer this.

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    • It's legit. Whether or not the wiki wants to accept it or not is up to you guys. Universal Briah seems plausible, but scaling wise, I'm not so sure. Being a visual novel, you have to use descriptions to determine feats and whatnot. I dunno how to evaluate it myself.

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    • Alrighty. That sounds like a reasonable thing if it has been repeatedly stated many times in the main storyline. Though my main concern about it on why we never considered it was that we already have a way of tiering him which is through the WoG statements but seeing it was something made from him scaling from Senshinkan that is a separate verse from Shinza which, at the moment, it's considered to be our only safe option til' we re-talk about it later on what to do with Reinhard. Another concern is weather the castle part can be considered Universe level in size or not.

      I know it is it's own world in DI to where it's completely separate from the multiverse in Shinza. The problem is weather it's truly universe size or not as even Reinhard's Briah/Castle, which is like the most powerful in DI alone to date, only reaches up to the size of a whole city (with a mobile form being able to just only dwarf mountains).

      Perhaps this is something that may need to be looked into and talked about later on. It's in relation to the thread i mentioned earlier above (that you can give a sort of comment on at any later time if you want?). A Universe level Reinhard WOULD be nice tho....considering how haxxy and popular he is and such, that is...

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