• You're one of Venom's sister, right?

    The names Cross. Nice to meet you. I'm one of Venom's friends and peeps he's gotten to know and talk. I was sort of odded out on how to introduce myself to someone that's part of Venom's life and whatnot, but decided to get up and make a hello message to you and say hi, maybe some words here and there like this. ^^ Venom said that you're good with series he's dealt with here like say....the Masadaverse, right? Could you kindly tell me if pages like this and this are correct or not as well as perhaps this one as well maybe? Also, what verses are you quite knowledgeable on as well if you don't mind answering?

    Also, it's good to meet someone like that that knows Venom and hope we get to talk more like this as well. :)

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    • Hi Cross. Ven and Serahas told me nothing but good things about you. Yeah, I know about Shinza, Demonbane and stuff like that. The pages seem fine, not as knowledgeable about KKK as I am DI.

      What I am knowledgeable about is video game verses, and I mean a whole variety ^_^. I'm also quite fluent in classic literature (Chinese and Japanese) Budhhism and Jainism too.

      I hope we talk more as well. :)

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    • Eh~ :D

      Cool. Do you know well you are with games like Call of Duty or The Last of Us (assuming you can get those from where you live at)?

      Same. ^_^

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    • Yeah. I've played them.

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    • Oh cool~

      I've played TLoU quite a lot and it's one of my fave games to play....i just die a lot and suffer a lot of lag time. xD

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    • Well, the thing is... I don't die much in games :D

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    • Eh~ But the things i do in TLoU, i'm always the one person that has to carry the teams i get into. xD

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