• I have read from Venom Announcement that you are very knowdledgable in Shinza Bansho and Demonbane. So I wonder if I can ask you some important question ??? If you have time, of course.

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    • Sure, it's for my brother after all.

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    • Okay, thanks for replying.

      1. Is it really possible for the Die Ewigkeit user to be able to have two inner desire Briah ?? Because Wilheim seem to have two of them ??

      2. In Atziluth, If two Hadou God fought each other. They cant affect the lower floor because they are so above those lower level that they cant feel being affected right ??

      3. Do you know a lot about The Ten Sephiroth ?? Because I cant seem to understand what its really after reading it many times??

      4. I wonder, what type of Briah, Atziluth and Holy arelic would your character be in Shinza Bansho ??

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    • 1. The short answer is no. The long answer is it's not two desires they have, more like two parts of the same desire.

      2. Don't know about that. Hadou floods the entirety of existence, no matter how small or big.

      3. Ten Sephiroth is the Kabbalah. You should ask Matthew Schroeder abouy that. He's well versed in that kinda stuff.

      4. That's... Unclear. I guess their holy relic would be a joystick, their desire "I want life to be a game" and their Briah would be like, Hadou and createsca video game world with your laws. Atziluth is this on a grander scale and this time all the characters you can create are added to your legion ^_^

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    • That is awsome, few more question.

      1. What are the middle floor and the highest floor if the Multiverse is the lowest floor that Aztiluth conquerer ??

      2. Its said that to achieve Atziluth one needed to have a way of reaching it but what way do I need to do in order obtain that level ??

      3. When somebody reached Atziluth, any attack that is not beyond the Duality of all existence than it will be useless ??

      4. How do one reached Yetzirah really ?? Do they need to master Assiah ?

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    • 1. "Floors" refer to the deepness of the singularity.

      2. Atziluth is a right determined by birth. So far, every character who was attained it either was a god from "birth", apoptosis, or was boosted to that level by a god.

      3. Basically. You need Taikyoku to fight Taikyoku.

      4. Yetzirahis attained when one fully merges with their holy relic, they are able to materialize it and start using it's special traits. Basically this means they have "mastered" Assiah.

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    • Is a special ritual needed to reach Atziluth ? Or is it optional?

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    • Not at all. With the exception of Reinhard but even then he didn't have to do it.

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    • I guess all he needed was Mercurius to boosted him then. If Gudou god still have Taikyoku then they can nullfied other regenerative power of other Taikyoku god right ??

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    • Depends. Only if they have the same or a higher value.

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    • Thats really awsome.

      Who is that in your picture ?? I am curious

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    • Miku

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    • Oh!!! that horrible singing girl. Sorry, if I offended you.

      More question: 1. If a character have one deepest desire that also have multiple part of the samething then those part will be added to their Briah right ??

      2. Can I ask your age about how old are you ?? Let me guess that you are about 23.

      3. What is it that can stop a Hadou expansion ??

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    • 1. the Briah will reflect the desire, so "multiple parts" is possible.

      2. I'm 20.

      3. Nothing can stop Hadou from expanding except Hadou.

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    • 1. Hah, so the multiple part is also possible. Gotcha. Can someone lose faith in their Briah desire and still attained it ??

      2. Do you about Mikado Ryuusui Taikyoku ??

      3. That is amazing for a Hadou. But regarding their soul killing, why is that in previous level they must killed other in order to survive ???

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    • 1. That's never happened before to my knowledge. The characters in DI are simple enough where they are always true to their innermost deisre.

      2. Her Taikyoku is hard to explain. It's basically "do whatever I want"..... sort of. Or "make things go my way".

      3. Can you rephrase this question? Sorry but I don't get the previous level must be killed part.

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    • 3. What I mean is that I have hearded that Claudia in Interview with Wilheim die because she doesnt have a stock of soul to maintained herself. So if a Die Ewigkeit user doesnt killed to gain soul then will they suffer the same fate as Cladia ??

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    • You have to have a soul stock.

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    • What if you dont have it then ??? That is the question I am asking.

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    • They will have nothing to tank the force of Briah users with a soul stock. Power is sort of determined by the number of souls you have.

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    • A FANDOM user
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