• Introduction

    As many of you may know by now, the Kav-Bot is a bot framework designed to perform mass edits. It has been activated on VS Battles wiki, and for the purpose of easy editing, has administrator rights as well.

    Purpose of this page

    Members are free to place requests below for any mass changes which they feel are necessary. However, the main focus lies in removing, renaming, or merging inappropriate categories. The primary purpose of the bot, as noted, is to help with site maintenance, so requests involving maintenance will be given higher priority.


    Keep in mind that only requests requiring monotonous, rule-based edits are feasible for the bot-software, and members making requests are asked to kindly evaluate whether their request is of such a nature before posting any requests.

    Also note that:

    • Response to requests might be delayed by a day or two.
    • Bothering the users maintaining the bot with bot requests on their message walls is prohibited.

    Standard Format

    Kindly place any requests below, in the following format:

    Subject: (Explain the main purpose of the request)

    Request: (Explain the request in detail)

    Dead-line: (If any, otherwise fill as NA)


    For any questions regarding the bot request system (questions, not requests themselves), kindly contact the VS Battles Staff.

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