• just wanted to tell you you're a lot nicer than most DBZ fans and debaters. Most of the wiki has the good db fans but I appreciate you having a much more civilized and occasionally humorous debating style than "GOLU WINZ".

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    • Thanks man. I could say the same for you even though you disagree with the ratings you don't bash the wikia for it.

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    • Honestly I never understood why people take things like Death Battle oh-so-seriously. You can disagree, even critically so, but resorting to insults and occasionally straight up spiteful words is something I find to be childish to put it nicely.

      Speaking of this wikis ratings, while I would agree Kirby stomps Buuhan, I do not agree he is multi or MFTL as since

      1) Dark Nebula may have simply teleported. There's no evidence he destroyed the galaxy outright. Also nova being at galaxies end could mean that this is a reign of terror for the Galaxy as Marx planned on basically being a tyrant. Alternatively Kirby could simply live on the edge of the Galaxy since the distance between Pop Star and Novas spawn is like, 5 planets.

      2) Magolors dimension size is unknown and the "Galaxies" shown to be at Kirby's feat are close to him and drastically smaller. Kirby is a whopping... 8 inches. The idea he is traveling a pocket dimension is okay, but another universe entirely is too speculative since that game shows small pocket dimensions that I could probably walk through throughout the game.

      3) even if these were legit they'd be outliers as Kirby's consistent feats are Large Planet+ and FTL+. TBH I think Mega Man would beat him (Mega Man actually fought Astro Man alone who did the same thing Magolors supposedly did in the manga, while Kirby needed help. Obvious outlier is obvious but still)

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    • That were much smaller than the real thing. Alternatively they could simply be aesthetics, much like what Epic Yarn shows.

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    • A FANDOM user
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