• the queen of wellston high, Remi


    the fuhrer of amestris, King Bradley

    who would win in a one on one battle to the death?                       

    (speed equalized.)

    little girl beats senior citizen:

    old man beats teen: 1 (Litentric Teon, )


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    • This seems pretty interesting.

      Bradley should be leagues ahead of Remi in terms of skill. And able to easily dodge her attacks. In particular given his precognition. She can boost herself a bit with her lightning, but Bradley's precognition hard counters that.

      Remi has better range, but Bradley has lots of experience closing in against those who have better range than him.

      The only issues are Remi's paralysis and her lightning cloak. Remi's lightning doesn't have the best AoE, but if Bradley is struck, he could be facing down several attacks that will serve to injure him and slow him down. Which isn't good against someone that can amplify their speed. Additionally, she can surround herself with lightning, which makes CQC, Bradley's only method of attack, incredibly dangerous as he runs the risk of potential paralysis for scoring a hit.

      However, I think Bradley's massive skill advantage compared to Remi, paired with his precognition will allow him to maneuver around Remi's electricity. He also has a blade, which will cause more damage to Remi as the force is displaced upon a finer surface area. I'll cast my vote to Bradley for these reasons.

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    • counted.

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    • bump

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    • Bradley is 8-C now.

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    • butts

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    • A FANDOM user
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