• Hello Real Cal,

    I was hoping if you have the time to look a list of things that you would consider to be a valid Black Hole feat?

    here is a list of proof as to how it is considered a black hole:

    • It is called a black hole.
    • It is stated to have mass, density and momentum like real black holes do.
    • It is not physically touched or interacted, and does not have physical boarders.
      • It is not even moved either way.
    • It utilises actual Black Hole equations like the Schwartzchild Radius Equation (R=2MG/c2).
      • The Black Hole is around the size of a soft ball.
    • It shows the warping of spacetime around it.
      • It even affects one’s perception of time, even after the experience .
    • It literally rips matter/people apart.
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