• I've been thinking about this for a while now since they're so similar in almost every way: Western hats, Dual Wielding, Three-Dimensional movement, and they both fight superhuman warriors with swords?!? So epic!!

    Enough fanboying, let's get into the fight.

    Kenny Ackerman has 1-week prep & full knowledge on Cad Bane

    Bane knows nothing but Kenny's appearance & name for his bounty. 

    Everyone is in character.

    They meet in a bar from the Trost District. Bane is asking around for information on Kenny the Ripper when Kenny walks in. Bane confronts Kenny and they get loud before the bar owner suggests they take it outside. 

    Win by K.O. or death ("I can take you in hot, or I can take you in cold.")

    Up to 8-C equipment used. Everyone has infinite ammunition in firearms & fuel for travel equipment.

    Speed unequalized, if the fight becomes unfair due to this then I'll equalize speed.

    20 meters of distance between Kenny & Cad Bane before the fight begins. 


    Kenny Ackerman


    Cad Bane

    Kenny rips open his opponent:

    Cad is the Bane of Ackerman:

    Random Titan crushes everyone:

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