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    High 7-C

    Speed equal

    Rey: 2


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    • TLJ Rey?

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    • Rise of skywalker

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    • uhhh.

      while I know it's fun to make fun of Ma-Rey Sue and some people will want her to lose out of spite, I think this fight is pretty fun.

      Rey has the Mobility Disadvantage because Thor can Fly but I think Rey can deal with that Via her insane range which would be comparable to Kylo's who can affect people across star systems, so she could telekinetically hold him or throw him around or throw her Lightsaber.

      She can likely Deflect Thor's Lightning but Thor has far superior Stamina so he could just spam and tire Rey out, there's also the question if he can incapacitate her with his Hammer and then the question shifts if Rey can wield the Hammer, His also more skilled so h2h or melee combat is going side with him, but Rey will be able to hang with her Precognition and has fought people way more skilled than her anyway.

      This version of Thor is pretty bad in regards to mind resistance which Rey could exploit.

      I think it can go either way but whats more Important is how strong their High 7-C is.

      Thor scales from' '231 Kiloton feat while Rey scales from a 542 Kiloton feat putting Rey at AP advantage.


      So im voting Rey but with High Diff thanks to Thor's Mobility and skill.


      However, I feel Rey's advantages will lean towards her taking the W more often than not.

      • Precognition
      • Can Influence Thor's Mind
      • Stronger AP
      • Superior Range with the Force
      • Can stop Thor from hitting her with his hammer the same way she stopped Kylo from swinging his Saber in TROS

      Most of Thor's advantages seem situational.



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    • <Can influence thors mind


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    • I never wrote Thot

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    • Still asking

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    • asking what?

      She can Probe his Mind for information or cause doubt.

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    • Schnee One wrote: <Can influence thors mind


      Mind trick doesn't work against strong willed in canon

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    • ... how strong is Thor’s will...?

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    • Schnee One wrote:

      Schnee One wrote: <Can influence thors mind


      Mind trick doesn't work against strong willed in canon

      No, thats a Myth, Canon consistently has people Influencing or probing other people with a "Strong will" or are strong with the force, the only time it doesnt work is when it's PIS *(Like Cad Bane) or when it's a specific species like Watto.

      Darth Vader does it to Luke.

      Snoke does it to Rey

      Rey does it to Kylo

      The Son Does it to Anakin

      Palpatine does it to Kylo and Luke.

      Kylo Literally does it to Meeko who has a strong will and just rips out his memories.

      the only reason why most normal characters put up a fight is so the film can be suspenseful.

      an Inferior Luke Skywalker literally overpowers A Queen who  has the will of an entire civilization

      Rey and Kylo Probe One another while in combat in TROS, Kylo who was able to resist someone like Snoke who could rip apart Rey and Influence Luke and Kylo from across the galaxy.

      Thor got rekt by Wanda's Influence in AOU.

      I think it's a larger Issue in Canon where people kinda underestimate the mindhax, ill make a CRT about it in the future, i think it just getds kinda dismissed because it isnt Legends level of "No fuck you" type of mindhax.

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    • Bump

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    • Ma Rey Sue fra

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    • A FANDOM user
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