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    At first, I just wanted to make a huge thread about it but realized that all of the proofs for the downgrade are either in the page of the verse or in the explanation page , so anything I'll said come from both of these.

    Demonbane's current 1-A rating (and why it's wrong)

    So, I looked at the only profiles with justifications (most of Demonbane's profiles doesn't have one at all, but it's another problem), and it's just... vague for the ones with proofs.

    Yog Sototh's justification is based on one scan who says that he's the essence of space-time and stuff "outreaches fancy and mathematics alike". It doesn't give anything other than 2-A (at best) based on this, and given that Demonbane use a lot of flowery langage, I'm not sure if we should consider the mathematics part as a fact or just part of it.

    The second one is Kurou, who has 4 scans as proof! However they can easily be resumed by:

    1) Stated to be beyond causality and dimensions. However it refers to giving Liber Legis, and even if we don't consider it as a flowery langage; there's no scale given and just a "to go beyond dimension and causality" which is very vague.

    2)Transcending space and time. However no scale is given here and it seems to refers to "the dimensionnal quake" saving Liber Legis.

    3)Defeating a monster stated to transcend dimensions. It's even more vague than the first scan.

    4)Being higher than someone "beyond all of existence" and who clashed with Nyalarthotep. I didn't translated this scan tbh, but Nya in her profile has a "fought with Kurou", so it seems like a pretty weird scaling here and being "beyond all of existence" is again a vague statement, which seems to not be a fact since it's still below Azatoth.

    To resume: Most/Every proof on their profile aren't really giving any real reason for 1-A rating, even more in the new system which is more strict and have criterias that Demonbane doesn't seems to have here. It's also the same for the verse page scans (Outer/Elder Gods part) which show at best 4D statements.

    The new proposal

    Now I'll base myself on the proof we actually have thanks to the scans on the wiki.

    I think the Elder Gods and Outer Gods should be Low 2-C or At Least Low 2-C, with the Shining Trapezohedron and the strongest Outer Gods being 2-A; here's the reasonning:

    For Low 2-C, we first have all of the statements about transcending space and time (and dimensions) that you can see before as well as statements such as Nya being above 3-dimensionnality or the Klein Bottle, which is actually a time-looped universe, the mechas also were able to overcome it.

    Also, in case some people will say that the Klein Bottle is Infinit-Dimensionnal because of the "inside other universe" statement: a similar is used as a flowery langage to talk about parallel univers, Nya's explanation is way more clear, and it's supposed to be a "hypothetical" statement.

    For the 2-A rating, the very thing about Shining Trapezohedron is that it seals by using infinite parallel universes, and can also be used to destroy said seal.Azatoth and Yog Sototh own statements should also make them 2-A.

    Also, while I know about the note on the verse page: most of Jin's twitter comments support this too. Things like "he likely misrembers" and "he isn't very good in english" aren't really a good reason to ignore them, since I'm pretty sure we already used twitter statements for verses such as DC comics (I may be wrong on this tho).

    If I didn't gave enough link for my explanations, it's either on the verse page or on the explanation blog/page.

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