• In X (chi) we can see during the events of the confrontation in the Keyblade Graveyard that the defeated Keyblade Wielders became hearts that floated away. A similar thing happened to Strelitzia when she got ambushed by someone. Xehanort also has similar feats with Eraqus and Kairi. Therefore I believe that the Keyblade and Keyblade Wielders in general should get this as a standard ability.

    Hearts floating around at the Keyblade Graveyard:

    Strelitzia's death:

    Eraqus' death:

    Xehanort kills Kairi:

    Chirithy confirms that Kairi got erased out of existence:

    This happened after Xehanort's defeat and when Sora tried to restore Kairi. The fact that Kairi faded away from existence because of something that Xehanort did shows that he is indeed capable of doing that.

    Xehanort's death:

    The heart is explicitly separate from the soul.

    This is explained on the verse page for Kingdom Hearts:

    The scene where Xemnas is about to kill Lea (or better known as Axel):

    After Xion stops him Xemnas says that they only need Lea's/Axel's heart and not his soul.

    For the sake of a comparison, here are scenes where people fade from existence as a result of having their heart turned into a Heartless which is already accepted for the verse and on the pages:

    Sora sacrificing himself:

    A civilian who fades away after his heart turns into a Heartless:

    Xehanort turning Ansem's apprentices into Heartless and Nobodies:

    Here are the links for the Physiology pages for the Heartless and Nobodies for further information:

    Reasons as to why Existence Erasure isn't the natural consequence of death in Kingdom Hearts since that seems to need some clarification:

    Goofy's "death":

    This video shows how Sora, Donald and Mickey quite clearly seem to believe that Goofy died despite his body not having been erased from existence. Their later reactions when Goofy comes back make it quite clear that they didn't believe that he could recover.

    Riku reassuring Sora:

    Riku tells Sora that they haven't lost the others and that they still have their hearts. This suggests that he felt the need to tell Sora that they weren't dead despite the fact that their bodies weren't dissolving.

    News report from San Fransokyo:

    The news report describes the people who fell victim to the heartless as having vanished and talks about strange floating heart symbols. This quite clearly shows that hearts floating around isn't a natural phenomenon and that the people from San Fransokyo have no clue what this is supposed to mean. If it was a natural phenomenon, this would be common knowledge and the news reporter would be incredibly uneducated for apparently not having that knowledge. Existence Erasure and floating hearts being the natural consequence of death in Kingdom Hearts also begs the question as to why the game developers apparently felt the need to make a random unnamed news reporter who only has one appearance with his voice appear incredibly unintelligent by displaying ignorance of these things.

    Eugene's death:

    This video shows Eugene dying. Wikipedia and Disney wiki also say that he dies in that scene and the plot that happens in the Kingdom of Corona is mostly following the plot of the film Tangled. This means we had a person straight up die on the screen. We can see his corpse which doesn't get erased from existence on the screen and there is nothing that would make him a special exception. Nobody seems to question the fact that his body isn't getting erased from existence either which shows that there is nothing unusual about his body remaining. This means that corpses not fading from existence is the norm and not them fading from existence.

    The defeat of the Titans:

    They are quite obviously dying in this scene and there are no floating hearts.

    The scene where Davy Jones kills William:

    An obviously dying William doesn't vanish after getting stabbed.

    Shan Yu's defeat:

    We see Shan Yu stumbling back with the implication of him dying. The camera avoids showing his body afterwards but there is no floating heart that you would be able to seen from the perspective of the camera.

    Barbossa's death:

    After the curse is lifted Barbossa just falls down dead and nothing else happens.

    Oogie Boogie's death:

    Neither Oogie Boodie nor the insect that Donald stomped on dissolve or release hearts.

    I'm not sure about the nature of this scene but it might be good for reference.

    Flotsam and Jetsam vanish after an attack from Sora with his Keyblade:

    They vanish but not the way how people usually vanish in the series and there are also no floating hearts.

    This isn't quite clear cut but might be good supporting evidence.

    The deaths of The Thirteen Seekers of Darkness:

    Some of them used replicas as bodies which also vanished with them after getting defeated. The remaining replica of Dark Riku suggests that replicas are perfectly capable of remaining after the defeat of their hosts but despite this the replica of Dark Riku was the only replica of The Thirteen Seekers of Darkness that remained at the end. This is likely due to Replica Riku's actions.

    This might be worth checking out as well:

    The Hydra falls down and afterwards there is nothing to see of its body. I have to admit that there aren't a lot of details to work with in this case.

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