• Disease Manipulation resistance and for his followers' second key from their abnormal status change nullification and  status change resistance


    Rimuru has Disease Manipulation Resistance.

    But, having endured 90 days of solitude, I truly enjoyed talking with the goblins. Had I been human, I might have been repulsed by their filthiness. But, I am now a monster. I fear no disease.
    ~ Chapter 9
    As you’d expect, the forest has a lot of bugs. Since you can’t protect yourself against them, there’s a chance of catching diseases they carry. While that’s not a problem for me, the Hobgoblins do get sick.
    ~ Chapter 46

    So, this should be added to his subordinate Resistance who have status change nullification since Disease Manipulation would classify as a status change in the verse. 

    Rimuru Tempest (Light Novel) key update

    • At least High 7-A, High 7-A and will eventually be 5-B with Glutton
    • 6-C, 6-C and will eventually be 5-B with Beelzebub

    Rimuru with the Glutton from his first key can have a statement, that his skill can grow large enough to eat an entire planet overtime that is implied to be quick. I link the evidence below.

    So, I proposing the rating for his first and second key as:

    • At least High 7-A, Varies from At least High 7-A to 5-B with Glutton
    • 6-C, 6-C and will eventually be 5-B with Glutton with Beelzebub

    Beelzebub, Lord of Gluttony is made of up Glutton and Merciless. Like other skills, while Rimuru may lose some skills, he overall still keep the original effects of the abilities as they integrated into better skills and sometimes get better effects like getting Dark Flame and Control Particles from Control Flame and Control Water.

    I had the text evaluated via Mariogoods who should be native from China. It is accurate that Glutton can consumed a planet. In fact the context looks to suggest more than a planet and the text is unclear on that part but I will use the low-balled of one planet.















    ~ Veldora's Slime Observation Diary ~ Defeat of the North ~ The Enemy of the Demon

    "Awaken!" Glutton! "

    The stab of Hyuga runs through Limuro's body. However, Rimuru predicted this move long ago, and let his power out of control, and took rude measures to cope with it. This kind of hard-hearted approach, even I admire.

    "Master Rimuru was stabbed and stabbed! Uh, what was it like?"

    IFrit looked very panicked.

    This is also inevitable.

    What appeared there was the appearance of Rimuru as a horrible monster.

    The characteristics of the things he had eaten before appeared on the surface and looked very evil.

    Even more frightening is the "gluttony" effect liberated by Rimuru.

    He can devour everything he sees in front of him, and soon grow to the size that even the planet(s) can be devour

    ... he may become as such a terrible monster.

    It seems that Hinata is aware of this.

    "...... … I must destroy you completely, or else this world will be plunged into crisis."

    ~ Rough translation - I used the correct name of Rimuru, Hinata, and Ifrit there

    Cosmic Awareness for Rimuru Tempest (Web Novel)'s last key


    Rimuru's last key has Cosmic Awareness due to Ciel being able to observe the entire "world" to the point of being able to make a perfect copy despite being immobilized all the time.

    I opened my eyes slightly.

    I’m sure I had begun my final battle with Yuuki, and yet――

    《You finally woke up?》

    Oh! Ciel-san said something to me.

    Where are we?

    Also what happened to Veldora-san?

    《This is the End of the World. It could also be referred to as the “End of Time and Space”. As for Veldora, he was isolated inside the『Imaginary Space』and completely protected, so please rest assured.》

    I see. Veldora-san is alright.

    Thank goodness….. Eh? This needlessly large and empty world is the “End of Time and Space”, she said?

    Certainly, time doesn’t flow and is in a stopped state. I can’t sense the spread of space either…..

    《Yes. In this world, the flow of time has stopped. The spread of space had ceased as well, and in accordance with the Law of Entropy3, this world has arrived at nothingness.》

    Has arrived? You are talking as if you have watched it?

    That’s right. We were hurled to beyond space and time due to Yuuki’s attack. The lifespan of the planet has already ended a long time ago, but the collapse of the world hasn’t yet been reached. From that I deduced, Yuuki probably couldn’t destroy the world itself yet. When he was at the phase where he destroyed the celestial bodies as well as the space-time continuum, I presume that Yuuki’s lifespan had come to an end. However, I can’t judge whether his wish was fulfilled or not. After that, we wandered around as we drifted in the space and I witnessed the end of this universe.》

    ――I can’t understand what Ciel-san is saying at all……

    “I witnessed the end of the universe?” What is she talking about…..?

    Rather, there’s no way we can be alive in a situation like that.

    If you want to lie, come up with a more believable one――So I thought, but I remembered Ciel-san never lies.4

    She deceives me sometimes, but she didn’t lie as I simply misunderstood――Or rather, she made me do so――That’s all of it.

    That means this is really the end of the world!?

    《Yes, that’s right. Then, I’ll get straight to the point, what will master do after this?》

    What will I do?

    《Because a long time has passed,『Turn Null』has accumulated an enormous amount of energy. Although Veldanava is said to have lost『Turn Null』by creating the world, there’s no problem since Rimuru-sama has『Imaginary Space』. Because『Imaginary Space』has an infinite capacity, it can’t be filled up. However, it has already been filled with enough energy that even recreating the world tens of thousands of times is possible. Additionally, it’s possible to reproduce the memories of those connected to Rimuru-sama and intentionally create a world that’s nearly identical from before. What will you do?[5]]》

    ~ Chapter 248

    Magic resistance for all verse characters

    Monsters should have magic resistance since magic is demonic in the verse, unless it's spirit magic or holy magic; monsters have been stated to resist those effects. Human characters in the verse should have it because currently, those stronger humans can resist the effect of magic.

    • 魔属性 Ma Zokusei – Demon/Devil/Evil/Demonic/Magic Attribute/Property (chapter 134).

    Unholy Manipulation for monsters


    Monsters and Demons should have Unholy Manipulation because they are made of magic energy to an extent and magic energy are "countered" by holy field. many monsters like Demons have abilities that would be demonic in nature like sin series.

    Honjou Masayuki (Web Novel) update to 7-C and At 7-C, Possibly High 4-C with Rudra Sword


    Honjou Masayuki (Web Novel)'s profile should be updated. From what I read, he would be 7-C scaling from the children whose energy would scaled to A ranked monster, at least. The comparison that he used to be stronger than the children but in the end, they became slightly stronger than him.

    I see a case for a second key for him for At least 7-C, possibly High 4-C with the Rudra Sword. He was the Rudra Sword which contained Rudra's essence who was High 4-C. Rudra's himself was comparable to Tier High 4-C Gii Crimson (Web Novel). Rimuru created the sword himself and set the conditions that one who can use is Rudra's reincarnation could draw out Rudra's abilities by holding the word. Masayuki is Rudra's reincarnation which is conformed since he has the Chosen One skill and in the Web Novel ending, he gained the sword and there is a tale of his deed.

    Rudra certainly died.

    That was for sure, but……

    《――Talking about a possibility, reincarnation may be one of the causes.》

    Reincarnation? What did you mean by that?

    《Emperor Rudra had his soul torn apart due to repeated reincarnations. It’s possible that torn parts of the soul gathered together and became another soul. Neither an existing soul nor a temporary soul, it has a heart with a high degree of freedom.》

    His soul was torn apart every time he reincarnated and gathered as one?

    It’s a bad example for an analogy, but is it like the residues of an eraser lumped together to make a kneaded eraser4, or something like that?

    Treating a soul and an eraser as the same might be a problem though.

    It wasn’t something you would normally think about, but I could hardly say that’s absolutely impossible.

    After all, I got reincarnated as a slime which you would normally consider as impossible.

    So, because there was a person with fragments of Rudra’s soul somewhere in this world that the Memory Orb embedded with the memories was able to reproduce Rudra’s will.

    In that case――

    I suddenly hit on a good idea. And then, I carried out the idea as ordered by my mischievous heart.

    「Rimuru, what are you doing!?」

    「Hahaa, this is interesting!」

    Velgrind confusedly raised her voice.

    Rudra felt it was interesting.

    I didn’t really do anything great.

    I just threw the sword to Velgrind.

    I fused the Memory Orb in my left hand with the sword I held in right hand, though.

    I embedded the Memory Orb into the base of the hilt of the God Class Sword like a conspicuous shining jewel. Since I fused it so it became one with the sword, the orb part would be as strong as the sword.

    If there was really a reincarnated person who shared his soul, that person should be able to draw out Rudra’s abilities by holding the sword.

    I made it that way so you could depend on it.

    In order to enable him to have conversation with the owner, I had also asked Ciel-sensei to remake and changed Rudra into a pseudo-Manas.

    Naturally, the information of the Memory Orb had been analyzed.

    「I turned it into Intelligence Sword5. Because I fused Rudra’s will and the sword, from now on only someone with the same soul wavelengths as him can use the sword. In other words, the person who has the qualification to wield the sword will be the proof that the person is Rudra’s reincarnation. Interesting, right?」

    “Don’t do things as you please!” I thought that she would get angry like that, but Velgrind only took the sword into her embrace and stared at me.

    Rudra was laughing jovially.

    「Hahahahaha! Is that so, there’s a possibility that I got reincarnated? I see that would explain why I got a free will! It’s certainly interesting.」

    So he laughed happily.

    Listening to Rudra’s words, Velgrind gave a nod as if to agree with him.

    Velda was annoyed, but he glared at with an expression as if he was satisfied with something.

    He thought about the reason why his own plan failed and admitted that my――or rather, Ciel’s――deduction was right, I guess.

    While Velda’s attention was on the Intelligence Sword, I unsheathed my katana and took a stance.

    With this, I could fight seriously.

    「However, given that the Will of the super-excellent me remained a whole, I guess the person who might be my reincarnation now would surely be a cowardly fellow. I’m looking forward to our meeting.」

    「Fufu, that might be so. The last thing left from Rudra at the end was only his charisma, not even his prided luck remained…… But conversely, that person might only inherit that luck. I want to meet that person if that person exists. Your reincarnation, a cowardly and lucky person――」

    Velgrind nonchalantly said.

    A cowardly and lucky person――? There was someone who matched that description, but it couldn’t be, right.

    Although the person in question had no charisma, that person was compensated with incredible luck though……

    I’m sure that the ability that person had is called『The Chosen One』――

    It’s a coincidence. I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

    I ignored Rudra and Velgrind’s conversation and abandoned any further thoughts.

    Fate would decide their encounter and if that person was really Rudra’s reincarnation, they would eventually come across even if I didn’t say anything.

    Besides, if my thoughts were right, that person probably wouldn’t be able to run from Velgrind.

    Well, it didn’t matter to me.

    I guess I did do some unnecessary things, but the rest was their problem

    I irresponsibly decided that Rudra and the others’ matter would have nothing to do with me.

    ~ Chapter 233

    ALready added. He also needs magic perception's abilities added to and the verse it is an increase easy abilities to obtain. An easy evidence is he can communicate in the other world speaking Japanese.

    • Magic Perception: The ability to perceive the surrounding magical energy.

      • In addition, the user is able to observe how waves disturb the nearby magical energy, then use that information to calculate the visual, auditory and other wave-based information of the surroundings. Magic Perception also grants the ability to understand and express the intent of spoken words even if the language of the conversation partner is unknown.
      • Magic Perception enables users to be aware of their environment in battle even if blind or deaf and prevent a surprise attack.

    Radiation for strong monster and resistance to it for a lot of characters


    Radiation Manipulation (Monsters of a significant aura can create an aura akin to radiation, that is extremely toxic to organic life and can induce death in high concentration).

    An example of this feat:

    «WARNING. Leave the rest to me, please go to sleep »

    A voice resonated softly within his head. 
    The voice gave Benimaru a deep sense of security. 
    Benimaru, guided by the voice, was led to an irresistible slumber. 
    At the moment he was notified, Rimuru had a long hard look around to make sure no one else was up. 
    Only Myulan was awake, looking around, taking in the unbelievable scene. 
    With the exception of Youmu, all the other humans had already taken refuge in the emergency shelters in order to escape the high concentration of magical energy. 
    Therefore, the only person who’s still awake here is Myulan.


    The King is confirmed to be in custody, tied up by the subordinates and then transported into the building.

    Due to the thick concentration of Magical energy, conditions outside the house are bad. However, due to various reasons it’s still too early to kill him. 
    He had heard that there are three escapees that are currently being pursued by the demon Rimuru summoned. 
    And so, Ranga went to sleep with that information in mind. 
    It seemed that he originally intended to wait for it, but in order to receive the gift, sleeping was necessary. 
    It also seems that he was lured into an irresistible deep sleep. 
    While watching him,

    「But, to actually become a demon lord, I thought it was just a legend……」

    Grucius muttered this while releasing a sigh of admiration. 
    The concentration of magical energy is terrible but with Youmu just outside of the town, it’s still possible to converse with him. 
    In regards to such a matter, Youmu heard nothing, not even a rumor. 
    Even he who was familiar with backdoors, there are still events he have no knowledge about, such as the evolution of a demon lord. 
    Rimuru Danna, a demon lord. He looked back emotionally.

    ~ Chapter 71

    Rimuru Tempest (Web Novel) is basically the one who made the high concentration magic as he expanded most of his magical energy to keep the barrier that was covering the city intact.

    Currently, I believe that Shion and the other’s souls are locked inside the barrier. 
    So, if in the war the barrier is disturbed, it may become undone, then the souls may disappear. 
    Though it is reinforced by my magic power, if the fight begins the magic power I exert may be hindered and it can disappear. 
    I want you guys to reinforce the barrier, and to call out to Shion and the others.」

    This, I don’t know if it is really necessary, but it’s a request I want them to do it 
    Even if it’s only raising the possibility a little.. 
    Currently, I am emitting my entire magic power. 
    To maintain the barrier, the inside of the barrier is also filled with magic power (Energy). 
    Physics and Magic retain the same rules, from macro to micro.(PR: Conservation of energy?) 
    In other words, the space is filled with energy, I think that the souls that are covered by energy will held in place and not become dispersed. 
    If the soul’s protection disappears, it may pass the barrier and dissipate. 
    Humans can enter the barrier without any difficulty, as their magic power component is scarce. 
    Regarding a soul, because it is a pure energy, it is hampered by the barrier. 
    A Monster’s astral body is composed of magic power. I think that this is necessary increase the probability of the energy dispersing.

    ~ Chapter 69

    Magic energy is toxic to those who cannot either utilize it like normal humans and organic lives like plants except Monsters or humans who changed their bodies to be Magic recipient or Sages and Saintswho can control their body to resists its effect. In the Web Novel, this point is similar to LN, Magic energy is based on chemical magic element which in context magic is essential based on magical atom so prototyping the effect of high magical concentration as radiation probably makes more sense, especially since said radiation can also occur via a monster's Aura. In high concentration, magic can make area unliveable as the area around Veldora was dangerous that no life as except for rare plants that grow there, in the Seal cave. Gii Crimson (Web Novel), over living in an ice continent where he release his aura, has that continent become an environment hostile to life.In regards to WN there seem to be some conditions or a threshold for the Radiation to affect non-humans, e.g. Rimuru's aura did no damage against the Goblins in the village despite there being a Rank difference of Rank E for the Goblin and something between A-plus for Rimuru at the time nor monsters in the city.

    Against Veldora it looks needed to be A Rank as a Monster at least to resist his aura within imprisonment which Rimuru was at the time of his birth, while even any monster lower than that would take damage-over-time just from being near; Veldora, from the time he was sealed, stated no monsters which born from the cave who included monsters up to A- rank like Serpent that could approach him exists and Rimuru who is A rank was the first monster to do so.

    When outside imprisonment, Veldora releasing his aura, it will densely concentrate were normal humans won't survive.Humans within range who were not at least Sage-level would probably instantly perish regardless of what they'd do in such a scenario.

    So, currently, all monsters in the verse with would have the feat since are comparable to Rimuru's aura if not superior to Rimuru in his first key.

    Resistance to radiation would scale to all monsters, in general, who should have at least resistance to Magic now as even High Concentration of Magic didn't kill them like in chapter 71 monsters were still present and asleep while humans had to live the city to survive. It would scale the current humans in the verse because those are A-rank where resistance to this effect is present.

    Creation from Monster Magic energy overtime for strong monster in the LN and the WN

    Many monsters spawn from the concentration of high magic. Aura from powerful monsters like those of Veldora's level who created Rimuru and many monsters in this manner and demon lord class monster who look to be have created an area of high magic concentration that spawn monsters. Scale to semi- demon lord class and  demon lord class plus above for the LN and WN; so basically all monsters.

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