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    Screaming really hard never created portals in Dragon Ball. Portal Creation is the ability to generate and travel through rifts of space and time in order to quickly travel between two places. It's what Anilaza does at will when he actively opens portals between any two points.

    What Super Buu and Gotenks did was just rip a hole in the space time of a pocket dimension. That's a smaller version of space-time destruction feat, which a much stronger Vegeta showed in DBS in the same room. And what Goku and Jiren did to Hit's dimension, Kale did to Cocotte's dimension.

    All these feats were performed when a pocket dimension was involved. So I suggest changing "possibly Portal Creation" to something like "Can possibly create dimensional rifts" to all characters who are below FT arc base Vegeta. Characters above his level should get it changed to something like "Capable of destroying space-time" or "possible limited space-time destruction" or "can possibly destroy pocket dimensions".

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