• Ok, now that Sans and undertale went through those other revisions and such, I finally am coming back to this. A while back, I brought up an issue I have of Sans having durability on par with the cast. I simply think he shouldn’t scale. Why

    Well, Sans is the weakest monster. This is brought up in his own fight. He of course is one shot by Frisk in the fight. This makes sense considering how strong frisk is in the genocide route end game. But, here’s the bigger one. Since point 1 in the game, Frisk should always have been capable of one shotting Sans. There are at least 3 characters in undertale who Frisk can one shot. And I believe 1 or 2 exist in the Ruins at Point 1 in the game. Them being Whimsun, Monster Kid, and Whimsun. All of these who should be stronger than sans considering he is the weakest. So if frisk is able to one shot them, and sans is weaker then them, Sans should be capable of being one shot. And if Sans is getting shot by these people, then he really shouldn’t scale. Heck. A lot more of the monsters (I believe most of not all disincluding Toriel) can be about 2 shot. And all of them being above sans. Frisk is very comfortably above them. To scale sans to Small Building durability seems wrong since nothing really justifies it, and how own stats support him being under 3 different people frisk can one shot, and under people frisk can 2 shot. There isn’t any connection that sans would scale to his AP either. It honestly feels safest if he had Unknown or Wall level durability from backwards scaling at best


    This point being brought up. Sans shouldn’t scale to frisk via stats. Not only is stat scaling highly inconsistent and unreliable, but Frisks stats work differently from the monster stats. Making even more reason they shouldn’t be considered

    Anyways, there my argument. time to prepare to fight this war

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