• ay man, if you dont mind, can we continue our discusison here so we keep the clogging to a minimum, lol.

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    • Oh sure,I dont mind at all,love to have the first discussion on my wall

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    • ok, lets take off from where we left. why do you feel the statement bout "strongest weapon" is vague

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    • You mean Alien X strongest/omnipotent/can do anything statement?

      I just feel its vague primarily because Alien X isn't compared to them through any means and is just strongest they have ever seen and we dont put anyone as strongest just because of omnipotent and can do anything which again is very vague and doesn't tell us about anything and only pointing towards literal omnipotence which isn't the case here as you know and Ben 10 verse hasn't establish Celestialpaiens as strongest race in whole verse considering there are more dimensions or 26 if we take Naljins

      But then you,Greenshifter and Firestorm makes good arguments on how strongest was repeatedly stated over and over again and said by Paradox himself who doesn't lie and has chrono navigator so that is why I am neutral 

      Both sides argument are valid and reasonable 

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    • That is why I am nuetral

      Going to wait for Professor Kukui and supporters of 2-B argument 

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    • Sorry for inviting myself here lol.

      Yeah but MoA also stated that Celestialsapiens are stronger than Naljians and because of the tiering system Naljians aren't even accepted to be stronger than 3-D (or 4-D) beings.

      I think a lot of people agree with a possibly for the vagueness but several staff agreed with an upgrade way back in September so it's not that vague, the reason why this isn't concluded yet is because of the AP/hax argument and how Kukui is now claiming that the Chrono Navigator does not scale to itself and while you may be neutral on Celestialsapiens scaling to the Navigator, help/opinions on the Navigator scaling to itself is always appreciated.

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    • @my area, according to Star Wars character Vitate's profile , he scales to Valley of the Jedi, Naga Sadow, Brakiss and Wutzek not for fighting them or fighting someone who fought them, no but because he is stated to be " "avatar of the Dark Side", "the most powerful Force user who has ever existed" .

      This is no different from what I'm proposing we do to Alien X,  Alien X and the Omnitrix has repeteadly been stated to be the most powerful thing in the universe, and yes Celestialsapiens have been stated to be the most powerful alien race in the whole verse but that's completely irrelvant for my argument, so not sure why you brought it up.

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    • @Greenshifter 

      No problem,I dont mind people commenting here

      Yes Naljins aren't higher dimensional being I meant that they claimed that there are 26 dimensions and we dont use MOA in this site right?


      I dont know about him so I cant comment 

      Oh I see now,he was stated be strongest force user so its atleast specifying that in what regard he is strongest and not strongest alive or strongest ever seen which would be vague

      Alien X yes but was Omnitrix ever stated to be strongest device? Oh my bad I forgot about race never mind 

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    • Sometimes we do use MoA if they are not contradicted. Well if there are 26-dimensional beings or devices who are actually several degrees of infinity superior to 3-dimensional beings or devices and Paradox knows about them you could use the strongest power statement to scale Alien X above those beings or devices but neither of those are the case or is stated anywhere in Ben 10.

      Grandpa Max called it the strongest weapon in the universe and this was the reason Alien X was originally 2-A before it got debunked and I do agree that Max isn’t the most reliable person to make a statement about this.

      Also Celestialsapiens are called the strongest power source so that’s also specifying in what regard they are the strongest.

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    • Yes thats true but Naljins are featless so I can agree to Alien X>Naljins and it would still be vague to put up 3D being with no higher dimensional power above those higher dimensional weapons and more evidence will be needed but yeah that isn't the case here

      Yes specifically when he has probably never seen Chrono navigator or CTB or did he seen their power?

      Were they?

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    • @my area

      yea, and the Omnitrix is stated to be the most powerful weapon in the universe, twice, once by Azmuth, and another time by Max. Alien X is never stated to be the most powerful "ever", you are making a strawman argument. So again, how is this any more vague than Vitate getting scaled to everything in his series, simply because he's stated to be the most powerful and nothing else?  

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    • Oh I didn't know,can you show me where its stated for omnitrix to be strongest weapon when its energy buildup was stated to destroy universe and not multiverse,he is stated to be most powerful but we dont get any relation or any connection between Chrono navigator and CTB and it doesn't have to be stated "strongest ever" to be vzgue but its a example but then we have Paradox stating it so in short I am just neutral about it and will wait for the dicussion in the thread to be over

      He is stated to be most powerful force user so he could scale to other force users but not any other user so is he strongest in Starwars?

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    • 1)dude, you need to stop conflating 1 thing with another or randomly assume something. It was not stated to be the most powerful back in the original Ben 10 series during the movie where the omnitrix almost destroyed the universe, it was stated to be the most powerful weapon in Alien Force and in Omniverse. I have no clue as for why you brought up there not being a  relation between the Chrono Navigator and the CTB, their relation has nothing to do with my arguments.

      At 20:40 in Ben 10 Alien Force episode "Vengeance of Vilgax part 1"  ,  Azmuth says the Omnitrix is the most powerful weapon in the universe.  Max says it in Omniverse Episode "Store 23", the episode after Eon almost destroys all of existence using the Chrono Navigator.

      Yeah, he's stated to be the most powerful force user, so he scales to EVERY other force users. The Omnitrix is stated to be the most powerful weapon, so it should scale to EVERY other weapon.  

      2) in addition, the creator from Wizard101  gets scaled to 3 characters, simply because he created them and nothing else. He's never compared to them ever, he's never compared to any other character, he has 0 feats other than creating the multiverse and creating those 3 characters yet he gets fully scaled to these 3 characters. 

      This is no different from me proposing that Alien X should scale from the Chronosapien Time Bomb, because he created the CTB + the entire universe.

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