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    Hello again. This is where I have to show my Father Mathematica's work after doing 4 plausible equations. These equations you'll about to witness is to show Aiwhen (Wonderful World) isn't merely Aim-Dodging, but rather, should, theoretically, be fast enough to react to such Lightbeams; BTW: such energy beams seem more comparable to Photons, & I'd get to the obvious about that, but the first problem is about to bloom into Fruition...

    I've been trying to find out the science of blunt force via the Air/Wind. Sounds impossible, I mean Razor Sharp Wind doesn't count as this; merely Physical Strikes. That said, such a character in question has a Physical strike that is physically brutal, but can make most of the Wonderful World (Verse) die in one hit, or just leave them reeling & writhing in pain as a result. & such a Punch/Fist left only few survivors; all being struck by some force of wind as well as a part of the Punch. So here's Question 2:

    2. Is there any scale one can use to measure how powerful such a strike is; all while using Air/Wind to back it up?

    I dunno if it has to do w/ psi, or some other kind of Air based Scale to use, but that said, I was thinking of using it in the MASSIVE REVISION of the verse I just mentioned not too long ago.

    That said, I hope this comment isn't too long, & that I'm being helpful about this. That said, if otherwise, I apologize; I couldn't simplify this any further if I tried. That said, I do hope it helps. :)

    Any answers? I ponder about this while I'm doing other things...

    WIP; I'm working on Question 3, & whether or not Demons are superior to humans in their own verse, & why. Later.

    UPDATE: I've already resolved the Length Section part; thus why it is removed. Though for Question 2, & 3, I might need to backup my case; One Question is about Demonic Life in some verses, & how those verses stated previously that they're superior to Humans for reasons either:

    A: Based on the Verse itself

    B: Characters of that verse in question.

    I remember reading those profiles, but those profiles & many more seem to be alleviated of those statistic reasoning. Do you remember such reasoning in question?

    As for a HUGE Punch; I recommend using Youtube's Frame-by-Frame system via </>; or Avidemux…

    That said, I'm glad someone realizes this still exists... :D


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    • Buhp?

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    • @The God Of Procrastination: Thanks. I didn't even recall this thread of mine's existence for a while. Still want answers for two other things though... Already answered the first for myself... XP

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    • Air waves naturally expand, so there's probably something that you could do with how fast it would need to go to still be compact.

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    • Well, based on what frames I did compile not too long ago (Not w/ me right now though... :/), it did seem to create quite a huge wave enough to possibly even shake the screen slightly. I'll have to see how huge a wave could be. After all, IF I could use health meter statistics; which I can't here; which is crazy as Chartette (Wonderful World)'s Terra Break move is considered something I plan to calc after a certain amount of research. Even if that move did nothing to the environment; thus reducing it to a hypothetical feat; but I'd have to do Horizon Distance first, then measure it all out.

      Maybe I'll also see if the consistency between both moves is good enough to be true to the In-Game Statistics; I mean, anything under Chartette (Wonderful World)'s Health (Yes, I know; can't be used.) is basically a OHKO; granted it's a successful hit; otherwise, it's a Hell of a Whiff. I'll try & find some measuring for Claudette (Wonderful World); who used that move to begin with, & compare her size to that Ken/Fist.

      OK, now I've probably too much Motivation... XP I ponder about how much one can contain w/o going internally mad...

      But I'd also like some opinions about Demons in Fiction that have some advantages over Humans. Was this a mistake by the users in spite of the Lore in Question potentially confirming this somewhere? Each one I read about, all forgotten for which ones I previously remember... DX

      OK. I'm done for now. I'll be researching soon enough... I wonder IF I've the time... X/

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    • BUMP!

      Actually, I got to ask: Is there any Converter of Air-Related Things? I'm also doing another feat to scale to this one; & it can "Hypothetically Destroy an Arena if it weren't for Gameplay Logic in that move's way.

      Seriously can't seem to find one... :/

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    • Explosions?

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    • You mean this policy?

      Also, Should I ask someone else about the "So-Called" "Demons are stronger than Humans because This & That" idea that's harder than ever to prove? Understandably, maybe that factor was removed from numerous applicable Character Profiles? Tickle me interested in something that made such demonic forces in their respective verses proven so.

      That's just weird to restrict something that might actually be true...

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    • What?

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    • @The God of Procrastination

      Sorry for my own procrastination. What I mean about the Demon thing is that in some profiles, they seem to be superior to human characters in some aspects of the same verse in question.

      As for the Link above that, was that what you were referring to? I'll have to get my frame-by-frame Screenshots ready if so; but I've also another feat to do; the destruction (Sorta...) of an arena in question. After that's resolved, I'll move in on the former in terms of that link.

      Does this help by any means?

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    • Demons being > humans isn't a standard throughout fiction.

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    • So, that got debunked? I could've sworn some verses; usually Anime/Manga based, albeit scarce, has this trope. Maybe it was removed from this wiki since. That said, About that Air Speed thing from before, Maybe the link far above might help? I'll also be researching TNT for a feat before this one. JSYK.


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    • It's definitely not absolute, given that Masaru Daimon stomps most "demons" in his verse.

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    • I was referring to other verses, but maybe we should cease the conversation of "Demonic" Life in such a format; maybe it is true that info mentioned about them in more specific verses made no sense to the staff of this wiki. Maybe a Human (Likely a Non-Demonic Protagonist) did not just defeat a Notable Demon of their verse, but straight out killed them. It's an assumption, but maybe that's why the idea was eliminated here.

      But yeah, multiple Demon-Related Comments are really going to go nowhere at this point. BTW, The assumed example of mine seems more Isekai related than, well, something better than Xross Wars at last (Though I'd like to re-rail ourselves after I say We need more Main Protags W/O Gogglehead Complex... XP

      Should I apologize about the Human & Demon comparison, or just crucify it w/ a flippin Giant Holy Hammer christened by God, & probably crafted by "Her" (She is such a Goddess if you wanted to know...)?

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    • BUMP!

      Well, I just wanted to know if the whole "Demon > Human" thing is legit; I previously saw several profiles here I forgot about that states this to be true; but was unacknowledged by Senior Staff I'm guessing...

      (& yes, I know it's not a common idea in fiction; seems obscure even in some Anime/Manga/Light Novel/etc., & all are obscure as heck.)

      Also, you said something about Explosions somewhere.

      This was about the Ken Move thing. Were you referring to this link?

      Maybe you're talking this?

      Perhaps this?

      Just to note: I've 3 feats I still have to do first before, well, that.

      I really want to put all this to rest, but I just wanted an answer for both Myotismon & his other sections of his Digivolution Grid doesn't say anything to me; that, & the Great Demon Lords (Whom in Xross Wars didn't even include Lucemon; "It" would've done better than Bagramon as lead anyway.); Not even Demonic life anyway.

      Maybe we should end the whole Demon x Human thing? What we're sniping at seems to resolve zilch; I could've sworn so little time after reading some random profiles here, they must've had this trait removed from all that had them since. Maybe I should ask someone else about this... I'm poorly reasoning w/ this case also.

      But, yeah... I ponder about those NOT of Digimon Physiology of ANY kind; they seem to show to viable answer for this.

      ...Or should I cease the whole debate & resume the Air Punch Move thing from earlier? Lotsa links though... XP

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    • One of them is right. I'm having trouble understanding you, are you a native english speaker?

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    • Unless the fact to apply that I too accidently do typoes; & me being stunned nobody notices, Yep. Quite the Native English Speaker; though I'd rather research Nipponese/Nihongo (I dunno the Native Japanese Name of their language. X/); Language & what does interest me to myself; while I'm learning it myself; I'm not worth adding to the Multilingual Members List; I usually like doing my own thing.

      As for the "One of them is right." Statement; The First Link is Explosion Yield Calculations. The Second is Explosion Speed Calculations. & the Third is- well, It was meant to be about Explosion Radius/Area, but I'm surprised to note that such a thing most likely didn't have what You or I might have been looking for.

      Also, never intended to brag; even I suck at my own English sometimes; No point to explain; especially when I talk to myself; Then my EN is bad as I'm saying the right words in the wrong places. DX

      Ah, well, perfection is an Illusion to me anyway.

      Uh, I think I might've said too much...

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    • What was the feat, again? Preferably with visuals.

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    • Very unfortunate to say, I've no visuals w/ me right now. Video Demonstration may not be a good idea anyway. I actually showcasing the move as a feat to compare to Chartette (Wonderful World)'s Terra Break Move; Which I'm doing to compare both that 50/50 Chance Punch in terms of overall power. I still have two other things before either; & after both of the latter, I'd have to see how much Power an explosion can do; & how fast Another Character would have to be in a Light-Second; hoping I have enough proof to backup the Lightbeam feat requirements (I actually have to revise one more thing...).

      So, Yeah. I guess I could leak some info for you based on this move (Both the Successful & Failed Attempts.) Though quite some Math would be needed for both... Just be patient for now... :)

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    • Yield calculations is for if you know the size.

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    • I've gotten the intel for such a move both success, & Failure results.

      I just want to get everything else out of the way. :(

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    • Actually, maybe one franchise has what I was looking for; I was just I the wrong places is all...

      Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

      Perhaps difference from Web Novel, to Light Novel, to the still In-Progress Anime does matter, though further research is required in this case as it's the most conventional example of such a verse currently w/ such ideas.

      As for the Feat you wanted to see, I've some things, but, over posting the whole of both results would just lead to Image spam. I'm also unsure about some things also...

      Just keep being patient for now, God of Procrastination. :/

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    • What us the name of the technique? I've been looking for a way to calculate feats via shockwaves, myself. It should be noted that many verses treat it as an attack with equal power to the punch itself, however.

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    • Ironic. I was actually going to do the feat myself to compare to another character's own technique. In fact, you might want to leave that to me at least; I might find better consistencies/inconsistences Claudette (Wonderful World)'s JP: 受けろあたしの必殺拳ッ! Romaji: Ukero Atashi no Hissatsu Ken tu! EN: Take my Killing/Killer/Deadly/(I dunno what the true translation for 必殺 is... :/) Fist! (Literal Translations w/ EN being flawed when trying to translate 必殺.), & Chartette (Wonderful World)'s Terra Break Technique; which is capable of sizable enough Power in spite that Aiwhen (Wonderful World) has the lowest life amount & still survives.

      This is why I'd rather do that idea in my own hands. Hope you don't mind if I do so. :/

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    • Destroy the limiters on the first two, and we can continue.

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    • Err... What two Limiters? Chartette (Wonderful World) & Claudette (Wonderful World)'s most powerful moves are meant for a possible Tier List for their verse, & the latter of the two really is like flipping a coin in the form of timing such a move right; something so few can perfect even in practice. Yep; "Take my "必殺/ひっさつ/ヒッサツ" (How do you translate this?!) Fist!" literally is like that.

      But what 2 Limiters? I'm starting to go bananas based on two legitimate facts.

      & a quote from a flippin Disney Cartoon is in my head now; repeating endlessly...

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    • Things in their weaknesses sections.

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    • Uh, is this about the Leor Twins? I'm game if that's what you mean. Outside of that, I've 2 situations also on my own accord; one of them involves the "Leor Twins" & their possible status for their respective verse.

      Is that what you meant by the 2 Limiters/Weakness'? I'm still trying to do somethings about the MAJOR REVISION.

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      • Shackles of Obidence: The Energy Meter Gauge rarely Increases.
      • Submission Collar: Her Skills, and Counter Gauge are unlikely to rise in power.

      Once you've death threatened the creator into removing those from the entire history and cannon of the game (or do it some other way, I don't really care), I'll go back to helping you.

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    • (Analyzing both information Deficiencies...)

      (Analyzing Canon Status for Aforementioned Ideas Forced upon Me to make the creator remove, in spite of instant-lost-cause...)

      (Retranslating both ideas not as Fighting Game Logic, but as Canon Lore.)

      (Begin Fanslation using traditional SOV style of JP.)

      (Correction: Refanslation names confirmed)

      (Deploying Question Spike)

      Actually, maybe I might have a better idea than forcing one to Aokigahara (青木ヶ原)-Level Suicide. Instead of such statistics when neither Leor Twin truly has Statistic Manipulation; in spite the fact the next version of Wonderful World (Verse) will introduce a new Counter Gauge Ability, & such, the Main Verse Page needs such info stated & why it's important to the characters of that verse, Perhaps it is fine to use as Standard Equipment? Lotsa verses already have supplemental ideas of this kind; even some are drawbacks either as a part, or as that Equipment. Perhaps I should get your thoughts on this first?

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    • Let me clarify.
      032 1565670972
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    • (Warning, TL;DR Stuff Ahead!)

      (Question Spike Result Inconclusive)

      (Manga is to be read Right to Left.)

      (Manga Origin Unidentifiable.)

      (Hunch Implied for Manga of Origin)

      (Personal Hopes for that Hunch is set to Wrong)

      (Resuming Actions.)

      So, the idea was rejected? It seems reasonable & viable enough to work. & to think, 服従 could be translated to 3 words entirely: Submission (Seems to fit Chartette (Wonderful World) as her Collar forces her into unimaginable pain if she disobeys an order.), Obedience (An EASY Claudette (Wonderful World) idea as she takes orders from ANYONE. This is so she doesn't feel the same pain levels as her twin sister would.), & Resignation; which seems to imply nothing notable in this case; maybe it implies inevitable pain to both Leor Twins as implied in a definition from Oxford Dictionary: The acceptance of something undesirable but inevitable.

      This might even apply to both Leor Twins as they have such devices that if an order is refused, will cause "Unimaginable Pain". An easy, but very minor upgrade if I can measure how much self-affliction this level of pain is at least...


      I have made my decision for both "Limiters."


      I will revise them so they don't have Gaming Logic involved in the slightest, but just remember, 受けろあたしの必殺拳ッ!(Take my 必殺 (What does it translate to?!) Fist!) & 我流乱舞/(Self-Styled Dance? I dunno...) is another 10 increasing spectrums entirely. The former of these two would require a pretty precise timing down even most of the time; & while those same individuals can whiff as a result, only a select few can pull this off every time; so it's not like 8 Billion people over a couple of individuals as a whole means it is completely useless unless the punch animation shows that failure.

      The Latter is even more complicated...

      {{quote|This is complicated; more complicated than complicated.|[[The Doctor (Doctor Who)|The ??? Doctor (Given the events of Heaven Sent; & whether or not restarting a copy in his/her Confession Dial meant a nigh-infinite Regeneration process' or if it was the same iteration done for 4.5 Billion Years as an estimate.}}

      In Fighting Games, after having their stamina lowered below a predetermined amount, every character's damage lowers to a predetermined amount. Unlike most Fighting Games' Guts Systems that increases your Defense while Lowering Stamina, the former is also true for Wonderful World (Verse), but as for the Latter, instead of Stamina decrease, the Defense increase only applies to the verse after reaching a certain level of Health. 我流乱舞 IS THE ONLY TECHNIQUE IN-GAME CAPABLE OF ALTERING THIS. With this, Claudette's Strikes actually have a higher chance of increasing +5 & not only ignores Guts Correction, but even if it's applied, it is bypassed, & damage is even higher because of Guts Correction being Bypassed.

      Alright, I think I made a good enough explanation for some things to be revised. Here they are:

      * Shackles of Obidence: Claudette is forced to follow Orders, even if it's not from Ardore Grenflow. If the task is ignored, Claudette suffers Unimaginable Pain.

      * Collar of Submission: Chartette is forced to follow Orders on behalf of Ardore Grenflow. If ignored, Chartette suffers Unimaginable Pain

      (NOTE: If, even once either went through such pain, a possible Durability or Stamina increase exclusive to both Chartette (Wonderful World) & Claudette (Wonderful World) may be in order.)

      * "Take My "必殺" (I'm contacting someone about this...) Fist!": This Ability seems to go 50/50 in a way, Not even Supernatural Luck; but something alongside "Some Degree of Luck" might help on the matter; But why have one outcome when a move from a FIGHTING GAME, if thus, is truly unbalanced. That's why I mentioned the 50/50 effect. But I might need some help on the matter. & even...

      * 我流乱舞/Garyu Ranbu: (Contacting someone for translation after this.) If we can't use Fighting Game Logic for the use of Guts in general; perhaps I might have another idea. This move could be used as Statistics Amplification for Claudette's attack increase, as well as Ignoring Conventional Durability for shaving not only "guts correcton", but bypassing it, & striking at opponents in ways physicality wouldn't normally do.

      We have 3/4 ideas in check; including 2 you stated need fixing. I wouldn't see the former 2 a Weaknesses; if such unimaginable pain can be survived by both Leor Twins in their own ways, I'm stunned you'd still say no.

      Review Check:

      1. Shackles of Obedience will be moved to Equipment w/ mentioned statements on Claudette (Wonderful World).

      2. The same will go for Collar of Submission on Chartette (Wonderful World)'s behalf.

      3. "Take My "必殺" Fist!" is still under certain situation about even Luck being a quality; The move stays no matter what.

      4. 我流乱舞/Garyu Ranbu should be considered just a minor Revision; but it increases Claudette's Attack Power, & Possibly Ignore Conventional Durability. This is so emulation of such a move in contrast to a place like this should be more Realistic.

      (Sends Response Spike.)

      I dunno if that's Fullmetal Alchemist or whatnot, but I'm trying to be as reasonable & logical as possible. Removing whole ideas from a verse just seems, well, nonrealistic to the verses' canon as possible

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    • I won't be stopping untill I've changed the verse's official cannon. In the meantime, don't expect to see me involved in this.

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    • ...

      Well, obviously this won't even come close to changing your mind, but, maybe actual Canon via Winquotes could help?

      (& By Canon, I also pronounce it as Canid sometimes... XP)

      No, really though. There is a Character in that verse capable of not only disarming such devices, but straight out NEGATES them indefinitely. Yep, Rosalice (Wonderful World) is capable of this, which in turn, might spark another part of a MAJOR REVISION. All 4 Winquotes seem to have some result of such disarming.

      (SPOILER: Chartette & Claudette are alleviated of those trinkets regardless of whether Rosalice beats either one or not; it just requires Rosalice.)

      vsクローデット (Rosalice beats Claudette.): よいしょっと。 これでもう自由ですよー。 (Okay. Now you're free.)

      vsシャルテット: (Rosalice beats Chartette.) はい、外しちゃいましたー。 ひどいものを作る人がいるものですねー。 (Yes, I took it off. There are people who make Terrible Things.)

      vsロザリーチェ: (Chartette beats Rosalice.) あ、え? 外れた・・・の? あまりにもあっさりしてたから、 ちょっと気持ちの整理が・・・。 (Oh, eh? Did it come off...? It was too easy, It's a little bit of a way to sort out my feelings.)

      vsロザリーチェ: (Claudette beats Rosalice.) なんだお前、見かけによらずすごいな! ただの鈍臭いやつだと思ったぞ! お礼に肉をやるぞ、ちょっと待ってろ! (Oh, you look amazing! I thought it was just a dull guy! I'll give you some meat to thank you, wait a minute!)

      Not my best Translation, but these are actual Winquotes from the game itself. Rosalice (Wonderful World) is canonly stated to completely Alleviate either Leor Twin of such "Fukuju Devices" & possibly negate their magic that caused nigh-endless disdain to the Ajin Twins; regardless of which Twin wins against Rosalice or not.

      Apparently such Disdain may even give Chartette (Wonderful World) & Claudette (Wonderful World) an actual Base Format for both; with, or without such Magical Seals in such forms. If you can approve, which I'm preparing self-defeat if otherwise, I'll have to make ANOTHER sandbox for the MAJOR REVISION entirely; wait. That's no matter what in that case.

      VERY sorry I let you down. I just wished this could go more on a positive note... Fear not, I'll do what it takes; I'm not threatening for crap though... X/

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    • Change the things to optional equipment, then we can delete that section when I get the rights to the series?

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    • Former: Hai, Dozo.

      Latter: I dunno if you're going to be able to speak to the creator in...

      A: Such a manner that would only ruin the creator of such a fighting game's wishes; I suggest you leave it to only him; he more confident in the direction he's going to.

      B: Such a fact that I don't own the Fighting Game. I am in personal talk w/ myself on making one my own way. That & some kind of game that's basically "Sci-Fi in the Form of Science Fact."

      C: Talks of changes made entirely blatant after a character is already released/playable; & such changes; if any, were already set; never to be changed again.

      I think we should close this thread; It was meant for Light Novel or similar franchises w/ Demons as a MAJOR Theme, & I'll handle that fist myself.

      Now I feel more sorry not just for such Off-Topic schenanigans, but I'll handle the "Ukero Atashi no Hissatsu Ken tu!" move myself. & I'm also sorry for bringing in such a decision that is set in stone by default.

      I'll try & handle the profiles my own way while trying to stay true to the original source.

      Senior Staff can close this now; fast.

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    • I'll let you know when I've done the thing.

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    • Well good luck with that.
      ~ Pre-In Memorum Stephen Hillenburg Era Spongebob Squarepants

      I'll be doing some things in the meanwhile.

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