• I am examining some power scaling issues in general. May be useful in scaling for any chracter in general


    If a fodder character performs a feat which yields a value, say survive a 9 MJ impact.

    Then a character "known to be" physically above that said character should be "above 4 MJ" instead of an arbitrarily made up value right?


    If a character is assumed to be vastly above a fodder who yields some value (e.g. 9 MJ) should the said character be "At least 9 MJ, likely far higher?
    Instead of simply assigning that character to an arbitrary value say 18 MJ or 21 MJ or 24 MJ? Even though some arbitrary values may be used as a benchmark in other verses or other versus debate websites?


    Should in-verse powerscaling system also be listed in the verse page? Should such powerscaling system meet the requirements.

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