• Why is the pathfinder page so empty? It is a verse wich has a LOT of material, and most of it of a very high quality. So, is there really no one interested in that verse?

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    • I'm interested, I just haven't really done any work on it. I'm busy with D&D.

      If you'd like to add to the page, I'm willing to assist. 

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    • Well I dont really know how  to  edit or how to create a page, so I dont think I will be that helpful. I can however assist some feats for the verse.

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    • I'm more into its system than its lore, too much books and stuff, just stract the statistics that I find interesting.

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    • Feats are good. I can make pages if you can give me enough information. 

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    • Alright here are some of the things I founded

      - The setting of the verse its located in a multiverse named "the great beyond". According to planar adventures, there exists an almost limitless set of verses.

      - The multiverse is divided in the outer sphere and the inner sphere. 

      - The inner sphere contains the material plane (our universe, wich is infinite), and various other planes inclouding elemental planes.

      - the outer sphere contains the 9 planes representing the alignments ( as in dnd) and the astral plane, wich functions as a transitive plane, and contains the demiplanes.

      - The planes are all infinite, the demiplanes can be of any size.

      - The planes exist on higher dimensions inconprehesinbles to mortals.(gods scale from this)

      - however, according to planar adventures pg13, our multiverse is just one of infinite amongst an infinite void, which its outside the concepts of dimensions and where the gods themselves hold no power. Its implied by james jacobs, the creative director, that there exists beings there.

      The divine hierarchy is 

      Quasi deities (Cr 21-25) 

      Demigods (Cr 26-30)

      Gods ( outside the cr sistem)

      The creator of our multiverse is pharasma, the most powerful being behind the outer gods ( yes, lovecraftian entities exist on this verse)

      And there is more information bur im pretty tired by now

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    • So it sounds like the multiverse itself is like 2-C in scope, but there are infinite variations of them inside this void. So the multiverse on its own is 2-C but beings that transcend it could be 2-A or Low 1-C depending on further context.

      If you could get scans and shit for all this, that's helpful. 

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    • Bump I guess

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    • I think feats for high tiers, assuming these are the feats, can be reasonable laid out (outside of these Cthulhu Mythos guys spoken about above).

      The multiverse is 2-C, Yog and co would be At least 2-C. If we take infinite water and somesuch as a sign that the planes are infinite (I personally would not), then any god that scales would be Low 2-C. 

      Feats for the low tiers should be handled as well, tho.

      Also Qaw did you see what I mentioned on the Discord

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    • Low tiers can probably be covered by magic or scouring the monster manual for feats (iirc all of the Sub Tier 7 stuff should be 1:1 since Pathfinder is baaically DnD 3.75). My main issue is the gods, since I don't know if they have explict universal feats outside of the Great Old Ones and Pharasma.

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    • Yeah, I figured as much. But that above Tier 7 stuff will be notable for major characters, if D&D is any indication. 

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