• Hey all, I was watching some Doom vids, and I noticed something about the Slayer's glory kill of the Cyberdemon: he doesn't (just) smash the Cyberdemon's head, he throws the demon's horn through its head with such force that it continues flying at a pretty high speed until it hits the wall of the arena and falls to the floor. I'm not sure if that would lead to any changes to his tier or not, but I know it takes a lot more power to turn that horn into a ballistic weapon than to just use it as a¬†bludgeon. If this has already been noted before, I apologize.

    Here's the link; you can see the horn flying in the upper right-hand corner.

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    • I highly doubt calculating that as a feat would get all that impressive results as far as calculating the kinetic energy required to move the piece of flesh at said speeds. However, he already scales to a feat making him much stronger than Cyberdemon.

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