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    00:44, December 25, 2019

    I normally wouldn't make a whole CRT for this, but I don't want to derail the general requests threads that much.

    Okay, basically, there's really no reason to have most of the verse's pages locked to regular users, the only case of so-called vandalism was just a misunderstanding, not even "actual" vandalism like leaving pages blank or adding noticeable stuff totally out of nowhere, but rather finding out that the added stuff just wasn't properly accepted at that moment.

    In other words, most (if not all) of the verse's pages should be left unlocked for regular members to add stuff and so on, having to ask every single time to add minor stuff is quite annoying, both for the users and the staff, even the top tiers like Soma Cruz and Chaos don't really are controversy material and are unlocked, so there's really no reason to not leave them all unlocked, once again.

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