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    On the last thread we upgraded Celestia tier characters, I also mentioned "other characters" who I planned on discussing on another thread and now that thread is here.

    The purpose of this thread? To scale anyone who scales to Starswirl to possibly at most Low 2-C, with the at most being there to denote inferiority to the Celestia tier characters.

    Now, this obviously has some speed bumps, such as Starswirl being unable to harm Tirek with Grogar's magic or Twilight being unable to move the Sun and these are fair, but through a combination of scaling feats and other information, I have reached the conclusion that this may be PIS.

    First off: Tirek tanking his blows. I believe this is PIS because power levels were jumping all over the place in the finale, with characters having their power inflated or deflated for specific scenes to make them more dramatic. For instance you have Twilight somehow holding back a combined beam from all three villains at once. Rarity shielding Spike from Chrysalis and together briefly overpowering her beam. You also have Rarity smacking all three villains so hard that they stagger and knocks Twilight out of their hands. So to be clear: Starswirl can't do a thing to any of the villains, yet an untrained seamstress is able to stagger all three of them at once, and with the help of a baby dragon can overpower one of them. You can't tell me that isn't suspicious. I have thus, come to the conclusion that Starswirl's poor performance against Tirek was nothing more than another example of PIS and not accurate to his real power.

    Now, as far as raising the Sun is concerned, this mostly comes from a tweet where Big Jim says the sisters empowered Twilight so she could raise the Sun and Moon during coronation. What's worse is that not only is she implied to be unable to raise the Sun but also the Moon; as they are both used in tandem with each other and not separated, despite being blatantly portrayed as powerful as Celestia in the finale. Even being as strong as Starswirl would automatically imply she can at least move the Moon by herself, but no, it's "both" of them apparently. Even the need for the amulet implies this is the case for the same reasons I posted above. By this point I just can't take the inability to move the Sun and Moon seriously anymore. I can't see it as anything other than PIS in lieu of everything.

    Actual feats also play a role here. In the chapter books Cadance is able to temporarily recharge the Crystal Heart when the thing is running low on energy to the point of being described as dying. You also have multiple instances of Starswirl clashing with the Pony of Shadows. Now, this obviously wouldn't scale him to the full might of the Pony of Shadows, but it is not by a long shot, anything someone infinitely weaker is capable of doing. It functions as useful auxiliary evidence. He is also portrayed as superior to Twilight Sparkle during the Season 9 premier. Doing a far better job at blasting back the Everfree Forest where she was nearly overpowered and also having held back the forest 1,000 years ago while she and her team completely failed at it. This is the same Twilight who could withstand blasts from Sombra with decent difficulty.

    My suggestions are currently this:

    Solar System level (Superior to her unicorn self by a very significant amount. Was stated to be almost as powerful as Starswirl), possibly at most Universe level+ (Neutralized King Sombra's attacks with high difficulty)

    The above may or may not change depending on suggestions, but most of the scaling will be done through Twilight, with other examples of individual feats (Recharging the Crystal Heart or clashing with the Pony of Shadows) being used as auxiliary evidence.

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